Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Regarding the possible sc transfer is this not the same lad who had personal health problems the last few years??? Now if it is I don’t have any problem with moving. if he feels it’s right for him for whatever reason or reasons to do the transfer to get back playing to a level he wants or needs I don’t see a problem, in particular with a young talented lad like him and I would be a big proponent of playing with ur home club for life. I would have been critical of the club he’s suppose to be going to previously as I am aware of the mindset of some in that club when it comes to outside transfers.


Is there an actual transfer request in on this, or is it just speculation?


Transfer request surely has to wait for the transfer season?


That’s occurred to me more than once today. I’ve heard plant of speculation in the past that came to nothing.


Whether shane actually ends up requesting the transfer after all the backlash remains to be seen, but he is absolutely planning to and has spoken to Vincent’s


That was sort of my point - there is a lot of discussion about something that hasn’t happened and can’t happen at the moment.


So we shouldn’t discuss anything that may happen in the future?


You were comfortable talking about managers being sacked though ?


Has he had a falling out with the club though? We have got 2 brothers before and their dad, when they had a falling out with their old club. These 3 men are part and parcel of the club now, swear they were born and raised in the Mun. Sometimes these things happen. We don’t actively seek transfers from outside, but sometimes they happen. If a guy want s to join us, we won’t refuse. We’d be mad to, we are a small club it must be remembered.


Nope no falling out, himself and his family are very popular within the club


Is it possible SC wants the move , but by adding in the Dublin angle it takes a bit of the heat off him.


Gents, I’d be of the opinion that discussion on the suggested transfer is parked for now. I don’t see any benefit of rehashing it any further as outside of 3rd party posters on discussion forums (myself included), there’s a much bigger picture involving real people.


Fully agree here, this is a very sensitive situation and dont this it should be openly discussed in this forum until the matter is concluded one way or the other


Frankly I disagree. This may be sensitive, but only for SC and Vincent’s. No reason we can’t discuss it. It’s absolutely of interest to nearly all here.


Iv changed my tack on this after hearing that Ballymun have 4 internal transfers :slight_smile: Where was the uproar. . . .

If he is going to leave anyway no matter what Div. 1 club, well take him.


Good point - but there is no element in the discussion (or some of it anyway), that at the moment this is all hypothetical stuff. People wandering in here would think it is a done deal - similar to the Walsh thing to Vincents a couple of years ago.


Does anybody have a recording of the football final from Monday/a link to one? Or know when Eir might show it again (I think I have access to an account)? Supposed to have had a recording sent to me but still waiting.


Is it not on their player ?


What’s this ? 4 transfer from a Dublin Club(s) to Ballymun ???


there’s the 10 min highlights on you tube if that’s any good?, I Think it’s from Dubs TV