Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


All true, I was pointing out, its not just one club and it has been happening for years, to some here it is one club and some posters carrying gripes on the their shoulder for the last 30 or 40 years.

Don’t know if Dotsy got as much stick, left , won his champo, went back.


Most of the criticism us directed at the system and current structure . It used to be one of the most competitive championships around. It’s a pity it’s lost that . And the reason is largely the transfers


This isnt scientific, but I looked at the players in the photo from Monday night and I m pretty sure that of the 30 in the photo, that 20 were at Vinnies from Mini Leagues onwards


So to update- Dublin Senior Management have allegedly told a player that if he wants to get back onto Dublin panel he should be playing Div 1 football in Dublin. So if this is true should we be expecting
transfer requests from Cluxton, Flynn, Costello, Lowndes, McCaffrey, O Gara, Scully to be told they
also have to be playing div 1 to remain on the panel?


Can’t agree with you there B. Sure Vins have just 2 - most others have more. I think the main issue is managements. Some of the tactics/styles of play deployed by Senior teams are mind blowingly bad and pointless. Vins are no super team - they are not as good as 3/4 years ago - but they know what they are about and fair play to them. Mun are probably a better team on paper - accepting a match is not won on paper - but too many players just didn’t perform and they were tactically poor. It had nothing to do with transfers.

If anything transfers used to be a far bigger problem - and I include NF in that. The situation has not worsened over the years. This whole discussion is predicated on talk of one player moving to one club - with many believing he won’t even get a start! We have an awful habit here of making mountains out of molehills and debating stuff that is not really happening at all to death.

The senior championship would be far better if clubs ditched some of the expenses-expensive managers and started playing football again.


I think this has been covered, all current Dublin panellists, most came through development squads. I think Carthy was let go from the panel and obviously wants back in, club over county, if its not to be its not to be,. I am not sure if he was a development/Minor/U-21 player?

In saying all that, no official transfer has gone in, I hope all this is true after out little discussion.


Both still involved with the club


I am starting to think that a lot of club managers are totally over thinking what they are doing. I am not sure you can get sophisticated inter county tactics to work so well with club players. Vincents advantage is that they have been doing the same thing for years and are just refining it. Other clubs are trying a new system every couple of years and are not nailing it down well enough.

Vincents are good, but Ballymun should be better as you say. But I think they would be better if they just played instinctively. I also think they were a bit hesitant about how to handle some of the Vincents players. You can only handle Connolly if you are full on aggressive with him, and that is hard for the likes of Small who probably spends more time training with Connolly then the Vincents lads do. Also there is just no accounting for the complete shocker of a game that Rock had. I also always reckon that Vincents always have an advantage when the opposition count their full forward as one of their main threats. It is very rare that a marquee full forward will perform against that Vincents full back line.


Holy christ it’s been said a good 10 times now all those lads are with Dublin SF panel and/or came up through underage panels.

Carthy has been dropped from the DSF team.

If your going to summarize at least read the posts your meant to be summarizing


The point has also been made that he doesn’t need to leave his own club to get back onto the panel


Vincent’s have 2 starting, and a third in Feeney off the bench. Then there’s the other 7 places in the panel as mentioned above. So that’s 10 places (roughly I accept) in the senior panel taken up by outsiders.

How many players are they losing each year due to disillusionment due to this? Their 2nd team relegated to Div 4. Not surprising when there is little to aim for above. Ger and Mossy look like they could play forever.

If Vins gave Mun the 3 IC outsiders the other night they’d still have won handy I’d predict. Time to make a stand I reckon. Concentrate on local lads and local lads only. But then again I’m no member so my views are irrelevant!


I agree he doesn’t have to leave.

The point being made RE Cluxton, Costello et all is irrelevant though as they are members of the county panel.

As of last spring Carthy is not


is and its shite

A whole soccer team can disband from one season to the next and join different clubs and then that club recruits in again- give us an example of that in a GAA club were the the majority of the team transferred clubs without the club team folding.


I did read the posts- Carthy DID come tru underage panels-has AI Minor/U21 Medals- the point is that if he is saying that he has to play Div 1 football to get back on Dublin panel -that is a load of rubbish-


I wouldn’t doubt that for a second. I wasn’t having a pop. You will admit that there were a fair few country lads on that team. Good that they are still involved.


Conor Mullins?


He plays for the AFL 6 team sporadically


He played senior in the past.


Never heard of them.


Think you’re a little confused