Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017




That’s Fair enough I suppose


ah I was only messing. In fairness to yous the bulk of your starting squad are home developed if not grown. Similar to Nemo in Cork, IC players with top pedigree will always gravitate there when working in the city.

Must be frustrating for underage mentors and coaches though. Preparing teams all the way through knowing a lot of their players have no hope of playing senior


Is there a hidden reason why your first paragraph contradicts your 2nd paragraph?


I believe Ger Brennan played for Na Fianna underage .Don’t know the story around transfer.


There are . It’s just a pity it was never policed better by the DCB. Hence why I see little point in making a big deal over this one.
However it’s usually internally where the issues arise


Hadn’t copped that, cheers. It’s been a long day.

Vins almost always seem to have a few imports in their starting team. Certainly 1/5 anyway. As I said it’s understandable that elite players will go to your club over say a Mearnog. But when elite lads from smaller clubs within Dublin are transferring over as well, that’s only going to block more positions for young lads coming through obviously.

The bulk of lads coming through from juvenile won’t have a starting spot on your first team to aim for. Will be a disincentive and as I said disheartening for a lot of coaches. This isn’t the case for the majority of clubs in Dublin. It’s a privileged position for members such as yourself obviously.


Not sure about that? I know Ger’s dad was staunch O’Connell Boys.


I think I’ve heard Na Fianna mentioned before with Ger albeit at a young age


And one must ask do you have any powers within NM?


Stacks of Clontarf lads have ended up with Vincent’s over the years. Current incumbents Albert Martin and Conor Mullins. If being in division two is not good enough, we’ll have to auction Jack!


Sure Jimmy Keavney played Juvenile with Whitehall before the Vincents Juggernaut stole him away :joy::joy::joy:


If someone can run down the top 5 or 6 clubs in Dublin and put down the following:

  1. Inter-county transfers in.
  2. Internal transfers
  3. Juvenile transfers
  4. Players playing for fathers club not living in the area (parish)

That’s pretty much the summary of the grievances above and I would say all the big clubs do not have a senior panel of players who started at mini leagues.


If only


Isles was the last parish team to win the champo. I think Syl’s was the most international! They were like the U.N. at one stage!


Still manages Joeys AFL 8 team


Crokes 95 , what was their story?


Good call! I followed them that year. Mick Leahy, Mick Dillon etc. A fair few country accents! In fairness they were living in the area!


Topic is thrashed to death every year about this time and the same conclusion is arrived at. Dublin is different as it is the economic engine of the country. Hence the inter county transfers in. Internal transfers are actually very limited at this stage hence the debate when a big one comes up. Juvenile too. Rarely more than a hundred a year in my time and most entirely uncontentious. Vincent’s in/out ratio would be about equal at under age level.

The problem is there’s no parish rule or some variation of same in Dublin. If someone could come up with something in that vein it would solve a lot of problems.


Not strictly true .

Not all inter county transfers to Dublin have been work related . A number have been inducement based .
Internal transfers at adult level has been steady since about 2000 with it beginning largely in the 70s
It’s not a new concept. Club loyalty in Dublin has always been more akin to soccer then the rest of the country . Hence why the Gaa is seen as being different in Dublin to the rest of the country
The monster that is the senior football championship has largely created this mess. Similar to the inter county game