Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


What was right about It??


He’d enjoyed huge success with na fianna and just left when the success dried up . He didn’t need to move as he was established Dublin player . Won’t be buying the book
Completely different context to this one even though I’m completely against internal transfers


If youre to believe him he wasnt enjoying playing and knew more lads from SOPER personally? No comparison to the current transfer up for debate


Sherlocks move to OPER stunk. Happy to lap up the success with Na Fianna in good times and then move on with end was nigh.
He was happy to win SFC’s with “guys he didn’t know”. Perhaps if huge number of that Na Fianna team hadn’t been imported, he’d have known them better.
Isles probably the last great parish only team to win SFC, that Na Fianna team were other end of the spectrum.


I’ve not heard yet!


This topic should have had its own thread and not hijacked the Dublin SFC thread ??


So basically when mick galvin wanted to move home jayo tagged along.

Calling a spade a spade A pair of fucking mercenaries…


Sure the Dublin sfc is over


Oh didn’t realise that, Sorry!


He knew more lads then his own club ? No chance. Abandoned ship completely . As an established Dublin player he didn’t have to


Was Brian Mullins a Clontarf minor way back before he joined St Vincent’s


I understood he started with Contarf but he moved to Vincent’s. At u16

Ah sure we will be told his father was a Vincent’s legend no doubt ( even though a Clare man)


Now you said it .


The player I referred to earlier who moved to Vincents on Heffos advice won at least 2 All Irelands and several Dublin C’ships.


wasn’t heffo just trying to replace all the culchies with dubs though


Mickey Whelan was Clanna Gael as well I believe. I am sure there are plenty down the years for all clubs.


I think vincents excommunicated the culchies long before the 70’s…


Left Ballymun?? FR??




Up to their old internal transfer tricks again. They have been pulling in good players from smaller clubs for years at adult and underage recuirtment or poaching, has been a big part of their success storey it’s no wonder most of their supporters on here are the way they are. How many of the lads on the team went to Ard Scoil Ris or are from Marino originally? What was Tom Quinn’s parish as a young man, was he Vincent’s from day one or like Mullins and whelan brought in from clubs around the city?