Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


There is no way Dublin management would tell a player he needs to move club for him to have a better chance of being selected for the county.

It might be the players own logic and his way of looking to justify it but it’s not something Jim Gavin is going to tell a player.


Its happened lots of times in the past someone told to move on.

As someone previously said it’d not necessarily Gavin, could be any part of the backroom staff


I do . Div 2 isn’t a good enough standard. I watch enough of it to know that. It’s light years away from the top 4.
In Kerry you can aim for your divisional team . In Dublin you can’t .
Its an entirely logical move . balkymun have 3/4 internal transfers in their squad - where was the outrage then.
The Dublin senior championship is a huge competition to play in now for the big clubs . And players from small clubs want to play in it

Leahy (Clontarf). Who else?


liam o’donovan came from Whitehall. Someone came from Fingallians as well although neither are starting now.


Karl Connolly. Would have been a starter on the team that got to the All Ireland Final.


thats the one


As sure we will take Carthy so, we only have one at moment.


Gavin is the manager. No way would he permit that sort of carry on unless he supported it.


Really. Happens a lot In Dublin. Including players from my own club told by certain management


Eric Lowndes ???


He’s made the point about 8 times. Lowndes has been in underage setups with Dublin the whole way up.

Carthy isn’t part of the Dublin setup anymore

It’s different


Hadn’t seen the other replies.

I think it’s bullsh!t that any member of the Dublin management team would advise the player to change clubs.
Probably his own perception


Just to sum up the discussion above

  • there is nearly unanimous opinion that this transfer wouldn’t be a good thing.
  • there is nearly unanimous opinion the guy in question would be an addition to any team.
  • some discussion about the rationale behind it, but seeing as none of us is the guy in question, we will never know.

Hard to see why things get heated when it basically involves complete agreement mixed with stuff we will never know!


I don’t blame the player at all - absolutely blameless in my view .
I blame the monster that’s been created by the DCB
Had they taken a hard line with Sherlock, Mick Galvin and a few others years back this wouldn’t been issue . They didn’t because of who they were
All that’s happening here is a player using a system that’s been in vogue for years where the big clubs hoover up the best players around them
Can’t blame the player for that - only the county board and the clubs !


Fair, my response was a bit pedantic apologies




Just minor point of order.
I’d object to the normalisation of the suggestion that all big clubs (I’ll focus on vincents) hoover up players from inside and outside Dublin.
2 valid non dubs on vincents starting 15 and of other 13, I’m thinking vast majority played juvenile with vincents. Fennell an obvious and unhappy example of otherwise, I’ll agree.

DCB and hopefully NM need to nip these in the bud as it does threaten credibility of gaa in Dublin if players hop teams 10minutes apart.


It’s down to the clubs how. If they say no the transfer won’t go through unless genuine hardship can be proved. Clubs got to stick up for themselves.


Sorry I will blame the player. Eaten bread etc


What was wrong with Jayo’s move? Wasnt exactly moving from a minnow to a giant?