Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Anyone in the same situation wouldn’t play. And where’s it all coming from that Dessie is bullying them into it? Article states the players made the decision themselves. Nothing about pressure from Dessie is mentioned yet its always presumed he is at fault


It is unreal to think that these young lads collectively came to the decision not to play for their clubs. Everyone knows that Dessie and his crew put the proverbial gun to their heads. It makes it very difficult for these young lads to go back to their clubs after Saturday week and expect to get a place back on their club team (if they are still in the championship). It is nothing short of being a pure joke. As everyone knows Dessie is Dessie and is not renowned for his treatment of club players. However, the CCC have not covered themselves in glory on this occasion (again) by insisting the games go ahead. It does not look good for the so called premier competition in the county that they cannot come up with a compromise that will suit everyone. It makes Dublin the laughing stock of the country that clubs are not facilitated to play their strongest team in championship football. Yet, they wonder as to wy they get small attendances at club games. Why is it the clubs are always the ones to suffer. it’s time they took control back into their own hands rather than the hands of those who have nothing but power motivating them and ticking boxes that the various competitions are completed on time. Time clubs stood together.


Reserve championship, issue for another thread


No difficulty at all it’s absurd that any club would punish these guys for wanting to play for their county in an all Ireland final



Surely you’re not that naive?


Completely agree. They’re representing their county but also their club.


Who said anything about clubs punishing players. It is the club teams that are being “punished” by not being in a position to field their strongest team for championship. It happens often enough that clubs are forced into playing club championship within days of an all ireland final which involved their players but when the boot is on the other foot it’s all right ? Always about the county team !!


Main issues for me here:

  1. We’re now taking it that Club Championship cant really happen within two weeks of any of the following teams playing in competitive action (Under 21 footballers, hurlers, Senior footballers, Senior hurlers). That realistically means if we get to finals which we are doing more so then not we cant play Championship in the first six months of the year because of the Under 21s, cant play it in the summer months because of the seniors. Therefore the majority of games need to be played in October (which people always give out about)

  2. Why cant they play this week? They’re not professional - rugby players play for Leinster the week before they play for Ireland, soccer players play for their club five days before their country. Ideally all senior games could have been run off on Thursday / Friday - Dessie can have his boys back on Saturday with a week to prepare for the game. How important is under-21 anyway?

  3. 21s Championship is too long - they train from November, are unavailable to play or train with their club until May - that’s half the season and not on. Championship should be run off over a short period of time, finished by early April at the latest.


Punishing? By getting them to play a football match a full week in advance of another football match?
Come off it.


County football is the highest echelon of the game and if you start denying lads opportunities to play in all Ireland finals watch them play other sports
Clubs don’t own players .


If Vincents had ten players in the panel I would feel exactly the same. My position on any issue is not dictated by my club membership, who I know etc. It is dictated by what I think is right. End of.


Biggest game of their life for most of them. I think they are entitled to proper preparation


Who’s denying them anything? Why can’t they play both?
It’s DF that doesn’t want it, not the clubs. You’re confused in that respect.


Why can’t the club games be called off ?


Is playing football not proper preparation for playing football?
Its not as if the clubs want to take them off for a week playing American football and going on the piss for a week.


A competitive Senior Championship game would be fantastic preparation. Management should be delighted.


Because they’ve been arranged for weeks if not months and people have made plans on the back of them. How don’t you get that.
But more to the point, there’s no need to call them off. These games aren’t clashing or even close to.


Because there’s no reason other than paranoia to call them off. The same players have no issue paying Sigerson, 21 and sometimes senior in the same week.

This is utterly ludicrous. But if the power of inter county managers is eventually smashed by this then it’ll be worth it.


Not disagreeing with you but you had a massive issue with Con playing a match 3 weeks before a Club final – I’m ok with you being biased with club over county but
i wouldn’t bother trying to apply logic around it in these arguments


Absolutely unnecessary pressure put on young lads. If anything a competitive game 7 to 10 days before final will bring them on. They are just as likely to get injured training. Manager is putting himself first and disregarding the clubs.