Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


The business end of the DSFC is after the AI is over. I don’t see the huge benefit to Dublin having their players involved in these games. If anything they would probably prefer they get a rest before the following preseason.

The intercounty players play maybe 4 AFL1 games each season. You know that yourself so I don’t understand your argument. Back in the day when the club leagues were taken seriously you would have a valid argument but not anymore.


I’m only using that as an example . Internal transfers have been here for years . It’s not new . Once the Dublin SFC mushroomed into a mini inter county competition between the top 4-5 clubs it changed the goalposts on everything .


your point was around the fact that you don’t get picked for Dublin playing in div 2. I would bet that the majority of the Dublin winning team this year have played in div 2 at some point


Who that wasn’t a county underage player ?


His point is you won’t get picked for Dublin playing in AFL2 without underage pedigree. Shane is no longer on the Dublin panel, which is why I’d imagine he’s moving club, he feels his best chance to get back into the panel is to play at a higher level.


changing goalposts now Bart. Your original point was wrong


Scully for example didn’t move seamlessly into the Dublin panel after all his minor and u-21 exploits and played div 2 all year which didn’t stop him getting another chance.


@something_witty apologies if you posted this already but any word on how this has been recieved by the powers that be in NM?


Don’t forget butsy daly too!


It is not nonsense. It happenened in the’70s when Heffo advised a certain player that he need to be playing top level club football to make it with the Dubs. That player transferred to St. Vincent’s. The was no shortage of consternation.


I’d imagine Dublin players back then were far more involved on a week to week basis with their own clubs and would have been judged on their performances there?


No I didn’t because it’s in my original point and you know it’s true


Not when the club didn’t have a Senior team


He was a 2 year Dublin minor and a 2 Dublin u21 . He was an exceptionally talented underage player

I’m sorry but your argument doesn’t stack up


Mick Fitz.


That would be my thinking on it


it wasn’t but don’t worry about it.

My point in relation to Scully is that Carty is/was probably more highly regarded as an underage player and it was in response to SW about Carty wanting to get back into the Dublin panel having being dropped (as Scully was) and was showing that it can be done even when you have been dropped.


Shane Carthy isn’t part of the Dublin Senior Football panel anymore.

The benefit for him in terms of training and intensity with Vincents would improve his chances of getting back involved with Dublin.

I don’t think it’s right but I can see the logic.


It’s not right, screw the logic.


If it’s true I hope NM make a huge issue of it. County management teams have way too much control over the game at this stage.

Where are the CPA on this I wonder?