Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Fennell transfer should never have been allowed but Dublin set-up at that time came into play.

In fairness, Vincents have refused transfers previously…Conor Evans from offaly wanted to join but was declined so he went to OPER.

I’d find it hard to believe that Dublin mgmt would pressurise player to join various clubs…ideal situation for them is that players play with clubs where there is no distraction (they get winter off etc)…aside from it being unlikely that Jim Gavin as player from smaller club would offer.

Mearnog should object to resolve.
Large population there and fantastic faculties and decent AFL2 team.


Now that it’s common knowledge regarding SC, how can he go back to his club ? I would be very wary of the comments stating he was advised to seek a better grade of football (would he even get into the current Vinnies team ?) that would be nonsense in my opinion.

Just being the devil’s advocat here, would he be lost to the GAA if the transfer doesn’t/didn’t go through ?


I don’t have kids but I would imagine it is not an easy decision for some parents who would have a strong affiliation with their club but have moved away.

For example if I was living in Swords I would want to send my kids to Vinnies but there comes a stage where you have to listen to the child. If all of his/her friends in school are with Fingalians then naturally they would want to play there. I think most parents would be open to letting them join the local club if the child wished to do so.

Better that then turn them off GAA altogether.

Also, just to add. I had heard that transfer rumour bandied about the last month or so and I haven’t met somebody that agrees with it yet. Not sure of the reason for the transfer but if it as suggested above I wouldn’t be surprised but I would be disappointed.


He’d be absolutely welcomed back into our panel, I know that for a fact, if it doesn’t go through it would be forgotten about immediately and everyone would move on.


Easy enough i suppose we had a player back in the day who was trying to move to a north side club , he sat out and didn’t play for us , and would be persuaded to tog out and eventually he was allowed to move on.

He also came back to us and played a few more years afterwards.


Good to hear.

I still don’t think he was “advised” to seek a better/higher grade of football.


With two very club fluid selectors k wouldn’t be so sure.

What connection had Darcy to Brigid as an example


He went shopping once in the Blanchardstown Centre, perhaps?


Talk of him being told to find a stronger club side is complete nonsense. It doesn’t stack up at all. I sincerely hope that Vincent’s take a stand on this and I expect that they will. Why would they risk tarnishing the club and current group of players that have had so much success to add a player that they don’t need?

If this transfer goes through it’ll open the floodgates…


The Fennel transfer caused enough controversy.


The floodgates happened years ago when Sherlock for example was allowed transfer . These transfers eventually go through not much point in delaying the inevitable . Vincent’s like all the big clubs have always recruited heavily at senior level .
I don’t see the point in making a big deal on this or the moral outrage . The horse long bolted on this .
You don’t get picked for the Dublin footballers in Div 2.
We have-allowed the system to be created so in my view the player is blameless completely . It’s why Kerry for example have divisional teams


exactly, it doesn’t stack up. Sure the most passion Jim showed after the 3 in a row was in his own club in Clondalkin. Named checked a lot of the club coaches who developed him as a player and influenced him as a coach. Addressed the young and aspiring players in the club in the context of what they could achieve through hard work and commitment. RTC are on an almost equal level to NM I would have thought. Doesn’t make sense he’d advocate a player leaving to join a ‘bigger’ club. Would fly in the face of the very ethos he is so quick to praise on a regular basis.


You don’t get picked for the Dublin footballers in Div 2.
A lot of the current panel play their Club football in Div 2. O’Gara, Scully, Fenton, Howard, Costello etc. I think if you’re good enough you’ll get picked from Div 1 & 2. I don’t think SC will even make the Vinnies starting team if this goes through…


Wouldnt be the 1st time. Underage players were told the same by former u 21 management.


you mightn’t get picked out of nowhere but he has underage pedigree and been involved with the panel on and off over the last few years so don’t buy that argument at all.


Jim isnt only one on mgmt team not mute.

Look at the track record of Sherlock and Darcy playing careers


When you have 4-5 clubs operating at senior inter county standard and the rest a mile behind . Gavin knows the limitations of the “ethos”
I’ve heard of others being advised of the same over the years and it certainly isn’t a new thing


All bar o gara through underage


I do . Div 2 isn’t a good enough standard. I watch enough of it to know that. It’s light years away from the top 4.
In Kerry you can aim for your divisional team . In Dublin you can’t .
Its an entirely logical move . balkymun have 3/4 internal transfers in their squad - where was the outrage then.
The Dublin senior championship is a huge competition to play in now for the big clubs . And players from small clubs want to play in it


It is a decent enough standard but one that if you don’t have underage pedigree you probably won’t get noticed in but thats not relevant in this case

How much football do county panelists play? he will be judged far more on performances in AvB games.

I have always mentioned the numerous internal transfers they have gotten but it’s not relevant to the point at hand.