Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


Won’t be an issue for the likes of Crokes tonight ( who have about 5 on U21 panel) against Erins Isle.

But Clayton and Basquel are core to Bodens chances against OPER. Similar for Cuala and Raheny players

Interesting what happens next


Agree Rico, the crowds that support team illustrate that outside of team and family’s of players, nobody really cares, nice to see Dublin winning anything, but I’m far more interested in how our under 16’s get on in the championship at the weekend.


I’m sorry but it is the issue. You’re dove tailing into a separate point around the SFC structure and timing. This is about whether games should go ahead as fixed or not.

These games have been scheduled for weeks now and players and their families have made plans based on those fixtures. I don’t agree with the CCC on a number of things but they’re right to stand their ground here.

You say what about the 30 odd 21 players and their dreams etc… when did they become more important than the club players?

If games do go ahead all that means is 21s preparation won’t be perfect, it’ll still be good just not perfect. But…so what in the grand scheme of things.


The games are going ahead though aren’t they ?. Just the U21’s players mightn’t chose to play in them


Which in itself is outrageous. Farrell should be telling players to play for their clubs. Otherwise he is setting himself up as a de facto county committee, overruling their decisions. The GAA’s own rules are not on his side either and technically he is in breech of them.

It’s about time someone yelled stop. With any luck next year it’ll be Jim Gavin or whoever told what the story is.


I agree with all that . But ultimately what will happen is players will not play for their clubs or some won’t do who loses out . The clubs . Is it right 20 year old lads are put in this position


Well let’s just remember who is putting them in this position.

Wouldn’t be an issue if one man said the word.

Shows you where we are at as an Association.


Completely disagree. Easy to say nobody cares when nobody from your club is involved, nor will your teams game be affected, same goes for Vincents people agreeing with you.

Contrast that with Raheny who provide the backbone to the defence of the 21s. Guarantee everyone in the club cares about them.

And if nobody cares, why does Dessie get so much slack? It’s very selective to say it’s a team nobody cares about


It’s the CCC that’s putting them in this position. Games were put back in previous years for this same reason. Players are in an impossible situation here. First and maybe last all Ireland final most will ever play in


Bully tactics by Dessie . There is a bit of form to this one too.

Last year clubs were lambasted for playing U21 players on the day they were knocked out of the semi final .
IIRC the final got moved to clash with the league games a week before it was due to be played . The county board then refused clubs requests to move their games .

No disrespect to Bart I think your a great poster but with your club not having any county players I think your opinion on this one is a bit skewed .


So ridiculous it’s almost hilarious… the GAA obsession with control and training players within an inch of their lives continues. So the U21 panelists might have to play a challenging Club Championship game 7-10 days before their U21 final - some people here are going on as if they’re being asked to play the club games on the morning of the 21s match!

Is there another sport in the world with a similar ratio of ‘training sessions:matches’ as the GAA? American Football, possibly?

The World Cup is played over the course of a month. The NBA and NHL playoffs are ongoing as we speak, with players playing every other night in most cases… our lads can’t play 7-10 days before a final? Has Dessie that little confidence in his own ability to have his team ready? They’ve reached the final, so presumably they’re in good shape and are aware of what their manager expects from them, the system they play etc. Exactly what is so crucial that they need to work on it exclusively 7-10 days before the final.

Let them play for their Clubs. For f*ck sake.


Sorry but if I’m playing an all Ireland final in a week like ■■■■ am I going to play a first round club game the week before and anyone who says they would play for their club in that situation are plain liars. No chance. I know there’s certain people here who despise Farrell for whatever reason, but this isn’t a Farrell issue, this lies absolutely at the feet of the county board.


I never said nobody cares. But it is only a limited amount who do.
I trust raheny put on busses to go to Mullingar for the Westmeath and Longford matches given all the interest.
My own guess, and I may be way off here, is that if Raheny members could choose a match to win it would be raheny to beat cuala rather than dublin to beat Galway.

As for Dessie, he’s getting slack (and deservedly so) for telling young lads not to play club championship. This from the guy who’s meant to be overseeing GAA player welfare? If it wasn’t so outrageous it’d be funny.


For the players to be in this position is wrong. It is poor from the county board, for not deferring the games and it is incredibly poor from Dessie if he is putting pressure on lads not to play.
But, if I was a player myself I wouldn’t need Dessie putting pressure on me to decide I wouldn’t want to play a club game so close to an All Ireland Final. For the most part these lads are going to have at least 10 more years of senior club football. This could be their only chance to represent their county in an All Ireland Final.


Agree on a personal level, if I had an opportunity to play in a 21 all Ireland final I would opt out myself.


Even in a club like Crokes it has a massive knock on. The 2nd team get treated like dirt constantly, they’ve got their house in order this year with a bare panel and now 5 young lads are saying they are not togging out. Some of these 2nd team lads will have to jump up to the bench and could even see game time, resulting in once again the chance of winning an inter championship is beyond them.
There are 5 or 6 lads on the 21’s so it’s a big hit to take. If they don’t tog out they shouldn’t be allowed play for the rest of the year. They are all big boys now and need to learn from major decisions


Some would say, including me, that a second team probably shouldn’t have the chance to win an inter championship anyway.


Why not ? why should the 2nd team in the club not get the chance to win the championship they play in ?


Punish u21s - interesting


Players are entitle to aspire to playing at the highest level of the game
I’ve said this consistently for years . It’s time to seperate club and county completely