Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017


The ridiculous thing is that they will make u21 players play a week before an all Ireland but can’t play the whole summer cause of the senior team even though there is breaks of 3 to 4 weeks between games . Ccc aren’t doing this for the benefit of club players this is and was purely a power trip . Rush in 2 rounds knock out 24 teams as early as we can and then sit back and let the money makers play . Even the structure of our championship is all about getting it finished and out of the way . I am all for club rights but not matter what way u look at it it’s wrong to put young lads in this predictiment .


It’s totally the wrong decision to play the game and our biggest club competition is going to be rushed through in 2 stages.

Players are been put under huge pressure from both sides. This is probably the biggest club versus county decision any player has had to make. But as you say starting 15 shouldn’t play the weekend that’s OK for some clubs but look at Raheny for example if their boys don’t play you may aswel conceded to Cuala.


One paper is reporting that the under 21 players won’t line out for the clubs this week

I guess we will find out tonight


You went ballistic when Con o Callaghan played 3 weeks before an all Ireland final - will you go ballistic if some 21 players don’t play with their clubs :wink:



Training them on a short term basis while regular trainer recovers from an operation.


There are 5 x U21’s involved in the Cuala (2) v Raheny (3) match. I have a feeling that all SFC matches will be pulled at this late stage where U21’s are involved.


Will any lad that plays be punished by Dessie??


In fairness to Desssie he’s trying to win an all Ireland final here . Not a fan of his at all . But that should be acknowledged


thats a disgrace . For the sake of pushing rd back 2 weeks . Absolute clowns .


I hope to Christ DF never gets the senior job or we may all give up. What an *sshole.


Or Davis with 4 . They will have to play without . Jokers .


County board are worse . Galway haven’t got the issue


This is not DF issue . How can he prepare his team for an all Ireland final . Matches down for thur fri sat . When does he train them can’t day before or day after . So that’s whole week gone . This is the ccc no1 else . I wouldn’t mind if the ware the champions of us club players but they are doing it to get the fixtures done and out of the way . Shocking just shows how far down club has fallen . And our chairman , secretary etc let them play god . Shame on them all . Clowns


nothing from the GPA or CPA yet?


Pulling the games would affect hundreds of club players directly and hundreds more of their families indirectly. For what purpose? If I’m honest I couldn’t really care whether the 21s win next Saturday or not. I’d prefer if they did but if they don’t I won’t lose too much sleep over it.
Outside of players, their immediate families and the people involved in the set up there’s not a whole lot more who care about the 21s- might seem harsh but that’s the reality- the support levels at matches would support that view.
And the ironic thing is there’s no reason why they can’t do both. They still have a week to prepare for their final after the SFC games. Since when was playing championship football bad preparation.


Clubs like Davis , raheny , crokes , boden cuala etc that are effected by this should all get together and refuse to play . Stand up to these clowns . That’s the only thing that will change it . It’s bad enough not seeing ur county lads most of the year for league but now for championship which on top of all this is a bloody knockout . Getting worse and worse . We will see what CPA say or do they know the story . Think drastic as it is , it is going to take something like this to change this shite


In my view any player who does not play for his club should not be allowed play for his county.

It seems to have been made perfectly clear to Farrell what was going to happen. If he didn’t like it he should have quit.


100 per cent on the money Rico. Agree completely.


That’s not the issue . U will make them play 1 week before a final but can’t for whole summer for senior team even though there’s 4 week gaps . The lads involved this is the biggest day of their football careers . That they worked so hard to get to . Representing your county . Should they not be shown some respect . The ccc aren’t thinking of the hundreds of club players in their decision . You tell me if they rush these 2 rds ahead and 24 teams are knocked out by 13th may that’s good for club players. Whole thing stinks . Now young men have to chose between club and county . Shocking . Common sense . Pull them play league game play 10/13th may . Then at least you know ur a and b championship line up and all teams have a championship to prepare for over the summer and to keep lads motivated and enthused