Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018


Any ressers who’s club is Fingal Ravens?


Some lad by the name of Crowe… I can’t remember his first name.


He must not be on a lot from the sounds of it then.


I haven’t seen him in a while - must have taken flight.


What about Fingallians? That whole group B has very little info outside RT Clondalkin.


Does any of the Cuala ressers know who were the scorers for Cuala in their wins over Templeogue 1-17 - 0-8 and Whitehall 5-15 - 0-9?


Message Cuala on Facebook or Twitter


I did that a 2 months ago on facebook and got nothing back. Maurs and Thomas Davis were the only ones that even sent back a response.


@sneakersotoole will give full reports on Erins Isle games :grinning:


You mean he’s not from O’Tooles?


Does anyone if there is relegation from this Championship with the BYE in place this season?


No, the plan is the get rid of the bye so there won’t be any relegation this year.


Would make most sense but have heard contrasting suggestions on it… Is it anywhere in writing?


Is there any chance any of the senior b quarterfinals or semifinals will be moved to Parnell Park?


Very unlikely. It is overused at this time of year.


Davis won’t like that. I sense a strike is imminent.


Sure o Toole Park closer :flushed:


In fairness if you and others had spent less time bitching about Thomas Davis you may have noticed the mistake in the 1/4 final draw in the A champ !


Dates and times up.


So can Thomas Davis and Cuala not meet till the final or is the quarterfinal draw random?