Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018


Why such an interest in the Thomas Davis games?


There is very little info on any of the senior b games so I’m trying to add the scorers to the wiki however there are full match reports in the senior A games so its much easier. Whats your club if I may ask?




No club here in America and what about you?


Would you not be interested in joining Hartford and taking a trip up to the ICC every Sunday to catch a few games? First hand experience to get you a bigger gra for the sport.


No there isn’t any way I’d be good enough on any team. I’d have to practice soloing with one of my soccer balls (footballs) in the backyard. I’d like to go over to a game here in the east coast at some point though.


Defo recommend hitting the ICC for a days worth of games. Can get tanked up too while watching them


They give gasoline too?


Indeed. Its a two hour drive from CT to MA.


How far from Boston to Berlin?


Musically? I’d say that ‘More Than A Feeling’ and ‘Take My Breath Away’ are poles apart!
(Sorry, couldn’t resist!)


Ahhh give me my fiver back then


Are there any ressers who’s club is Templeogue?


Do you not sleep?


I woke up very early mate.






Well I’m no deity or anything. :sweat_smile:


That in Santry?


That’s the J’Omni !!