Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018


Beat me to it :joy:



Joe McNally 1-1
Alan McNally 0-4(2fs)
Paul Curran 0-2
Gerry Anderson 0-2
John McGrane 0-1(45)


Uhh… if you don’t know thats fine. Theres no need to troll. :roll_eyes:


@Stato82 - did you take any pictures with your phone that you could send me for my scrapbook? If you had a photo of Joe McNally’s goal and/or celebration that would be great. Thanks.


Sorry it was Alan that got the 1-1. Their father Joe was a famous Dublin footballer and played with St Annes.


This prank isn’t very helpful. :expressionless:


This prick isn’t very helpful.


ciaran Farrelly got 1-3 anyway, Kirby 0-2, sallier 0-2, orther scorers were deegan, Nolan and Keogh I think , could be wrong on a couple


Does that include frees?


Not sure match was about 3 months ago


So Paul Hudson hasn’t been with you guys at all this year?


Nope, has been living in America since last year


Oh ok. I know he’s been in America this summer. Wasn’t sure if he came back for the 2 championship games or not.

Do you know who scored in their first game against Peregrines? 4-16 - 1-9?


Eoin Kirby got 3-4, Mark Nolan 1-2, sallier got about 0-5 not sure on rest . Say farrely got a few anyway


Thanks! The grassroots report says Sallier got the other goal so it was a bit confusing. Are you sure it was Mark Nolan? I want to make sure I have the goals correct.


Ye was sallier then , hard to remember.


Wait, are you Paul Hudson?


HAHA, No I’m afraid to say I don’t have an All-Ireland Under 21 Medal in my pocket


Any idea on the frees for this one either? If not thats fine. Already have a decent amount of info. Cheers!