Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018


Eventually got a Ref.
St Marys 0-11 1-10 Thomas Davis


Do you know who were the scorers?


Thomas Davis 1-10 St Marys 0-10.

Original ref was contacted by phone when he didn’t turn up stated he was never notified of the game. Game eventually went ahead at 7pm with both teams having done 2 warm ups. Poor enough game across the board. Marys were very blunt up front missing Blaine Kelly through injury a massive loss for them. TD just about deserved it but will need massive improvements going forward.

One further opinion… is there a set fee to charge into Senior Club games??Was €7 into St Finians last night for One Senior B Championship game. Seemed steep to me. Would have been some mess if game hadn’t gone ahead!!!


€7 into all Senior Champo games. Much dearer in most other counties


Fair enough.


I heard TD insisted that people be charged the same into B games as A … :wink:


No need for that…


2 refs never turned for two B games shows how important the county board see it. Would never happen in the A.


Judging by some of the “praise” for certain refs in the A championship you could nearly understand why some didn’t turn up for B championship.


Who were the scores for Thomas Davis in the 1-10. Could you give a breakdown?


It was only €5 into all senior A hurling championship group matches in otooles and was fiver in out in Margaret’s a few weeks ago for a senior championship match. Should be 5 across the board.


€5 into Isles v Peregrines yesterday. The money taker done a runner with the money when the game did not go ahead


Wtf :disappointed:


What? You are joking!


Was falcon at the gate?


No refunds given out


:grin: Brilliant!




Shouldn’t have been …


I paid a fiver in the Margaret’s the other day and nothing in to drumnigh today.