Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018


Bit obsessed with the two lads by the sounds of things


No, but there is like no match reports and limited info on the senior b games so I’m trying to piece it together to put on the wikipedia page.


Try Grassroots


They don’t have all the scorers for the senior b games though. That’s what I am trying to say


Fair play for a guy in the States your knowledge and interest in B stuff is unreal


Isles vs Peregrine’s off, No ref turned up.


Game is listed for 6 p.m.???


Got changed to half 4


And did anyone tell the ref that?


Didn’t think the times if championship games could be changed.


Couple of different stories going around regarding the ref so couldn’t give you an answer


If it was the listed ref I’d be amazed if he simply didn’t show having been told the game had been switched. Did CCC give permission for the switch? Game is still listed for 6 p.m. on county website.


Any news on Thomas Davis v St Marys Saggart?


No ref showed for Davis v Mary’s either
Senior b given the respect it was always going to get


Now these games should be moved to Parnell Park so everyone can see but I assume it’ll be postponed for quite a few months now even if there are non current dublin inter-county players on either panel.


The ref for the Isles match is away on holidays. CCC did not appoint another ref


Am told they’re all still there waiting for a ref. Beyond ridiculous & utter joke.


Will anybody be at O’Toole Park on sunday for Olafs vs Mearnog, The battle of David Byrne v Shane C. Carthy?


That really is unforgivable.


Game was originally Friday evening. County board changed to today at 4:30pm - both clubs were notified game was at this time. For some reason game was down for 6pm everywhere else.
Apparently the ref that was due to ref the game Friday was not available to ref today, yet no change was made to who would ref the refixed game.
As one poster said there’s a lot of stories as to what happened, but one things certain a referee or the county board is at fault here because both clubs showed up to play at the time notified to them, Chlann Muire had the place set up for a 4:30pm throw in so they were also obviously expecting the game to be this time.
Disgraceful for this to happen in this day and age, the game will now have to be played in September (probably)