Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018


Cuala 1-05 Whitehall 0-05. Not there just got a message, 28 mins gone.


Who are the main scorers. Con and Costello?


Sorry, no clue, not there, just got a score update.


Hopefully someone can get that info after the game?


Cuala won 5-15 to 0-09.


Cuala slaughtered them in the end according to DMT. 5-13 to 0-9 or something.


I believe Con got 1-5 and his brother Niall got 2-3 for Cuala this evening!


Good to see Con back fit

Who is this even younger O Callaghan who scored 2:3 …


I think Con got 2-06, a goal from a penno and another from play.


Niall is Cians & Cons younger brother very good footballer I don’t think he plays hurling. They also have another brother, Eoin I think is his name, I saw him playing minor this year, also very good footballer.


Split O’Callaghsn’s in two…


2 to the hurling, 2 to the football. Sorted.


Brilliant, lads.


Was anybody at the game to confirm the scorers? Were Costello and O’Donnell the main scorers for Whitehall even only with 0-9 overall as a team?


As far as I know Costello went off injured just before half time.


Well there goes his appearances off the bench in Leinster I suppose


Cormac Costello playing at no 11, he scored a few points before he went off with a hamstring injury. Hopefully it won’t be too bad, he has had a hard run with injuries.
O Donnell was good, played full forward and scored a few points, Michael Fitzimons was marking him but got poor supply of ball the second half. Whitehall scored 3 pts the second half to Cualas 4-9. Whitehall played senior hurling championship last Saturday, not enough recovery time for many of the same players, no wonder players get injured. Seemingly game was moved to Thurs evening as O Donnell had Dublin Hurling training camp this week end.


Jesus Cormac has fierce trouble with his hammers


Is Liam Rushe playing football for St.Pats Palmerstown.


So how many points did Costello and O’Donnell have exactly. Was it 2 each and who was the top scorer?