Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018


How do people feel the final will go ? Obviously td favourites but being the favourite hasn’t ment anything this year in both the A and B


Especially in local derby game anything can happen.


Two sides with a lot of young players but also with lads who have serious experience at club level in Dublin


Fallon to keep Kelly quiet tips it firmly in td favour for me


Think Thomas Davis will be to strong, they seem to have a much stronger panel, even missing the likes of Hudson, McGrath and deegan, sallier also on the bench yesterday, not a bad player to bring on, Davis very strong at the back and are putting up big scores aswell


Kelly defiantly one of the best forwards at the club level over the last decade in my opinion a class act , be a very good battle if Fallon picks him up


Marys have a lot of young lads and I’d say are very much in development. Fantastic for them to get to a final advantage is with TD but on the day you’d never know.


Just caught the TD v Cuala match there on dubs TV, very enjoyable fare. Great service to have online to be able to catch these games for those of us outside Dublin.


Notice it has 21,000 views.


Yeah but Ohm was 19,000 of those


Is young Kieran Murray still involved with Thomas Davis ? He was on the dubs minor team in 2016


Played on the Inter team this year.


Why is that ? Started last year in the defeat to brigids in the championship


Not sure to be honest.


Just the 1 view from me :joy:


I may be wrong but I think only about 5 players that started against cuala, started against brigids last year


All young lads or what?


I know David keogh, Eamon conroy and the two Lambert’s are both fresh out of minor which is great to see


who was the big centre forward for Davis’s, Jim white??? against cuala


Jim White