Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018


4 players on the the Dublin Panel i would have had them as slight favourites


Not being facetious here…honestly…but in the light of day (should TD win this)…
do you think the players would have got more out of a year in this Champo, wining some games and adding some silverware (a very hard thing to do at any level), than by playing out an average year in the A Champo…??

Could work out being a blessing in disguise.


NO… Davis’ whole club are fuming re B/intermediate status . Cuala the same… this cup means nothing to either of them . Getting to where they both should be is/was there aim … Cuala devastated to waste another year… same may be same for Davis’ if Mary’s turn them over…


A much more enjoyable and beneficial year for TD and Mary’s players to be planning for a final on bank holiday weekend.

If TD win this cup will stand to their young players and prove that they worth there spot in the A.


Don’t see how it’ll be a year wasted for cuala , haven’t been good enough to win a B championship and they’d be quarter finalists at best in the A depending on there group , there a young group with a lot to learn , I think Davis have really showed that they probably should be in the A with some of their performances ( blowing out Olafs and a solid win over cuala ) be a great final , marys have come back from the brink in the last two games so it’ll be two dogged teams going at each other


TD 6-14 Erin’s Isle 0-7… TD 4-16 Perigans 1-9… TD 2-17 Olafs 1-5. …Cuala 4-20 Maurs 1-5. Cuala 1-17 TSS 0-8 . Cuala 2-17 Maurs 2-7… not much learned in those games for either Davis or Cuala or for the beaten teams except the 2 of them are in the wrong championship … and all that said Davis only beat Mary’s by 3pts earlier in year and have the spirit and quality to test davis’…A champ needs to be 20 teams imo. Cuala should be one of them


If you make it as 20 teams, you’ll have clubs just outside that top 20 saying it should be 24 teams. A line has to be drawn somewhere.


Don’t think so. Most teams in B champ are happy to be in it and again imo it’s really an intermediate Comp and the winners should go into Leinster inter champ or like the hurling play the inter champions to decide it…Cuala, Clontarf and Davis have no interest in there first teams being intermediate .( mainly due to to high levels they have played/ won at either senior or minor ) Not sure if TSS and Maurs feel the same


Well, one of them will earn the right to be Senior A next year.
There were still a good few turkey shoots in the A championship this year - with 16 teams. Increasing it to 20 will mean even more. 16 teams is enough. It’s up to each club to earn their right to be there.

I’ve nothing but respect for Clontarf. But since you mentioned them (having no interest in being intermediate), here’s their results from this year’s A Championship.


32 teams had earned their place in the A champ over many years … a board meeting f…ked 16 of them out of it last year


Will you say the same when common sense prevails in the All Ireland Champo?


Voted by the clubs.
Your arguments are flawed, in my opinion. We’re clearly not going to find common ground.


How many games have Cuala won in the senior championship in the last 5 years? Hard to say that they are hard done by to miss out. They are a very good team but they are not at the level yet of competing with the top teams.


He appears jilted. As you say, voted by clubs. It’s the right system, but will take a few years for it to work out.


What a load of Ross.

32 teams were in senior champo as a result of a previous flawed system, not because they earned any right. Most team are ,playiing at appropriate level now and after 3 or 4 years everyone will be levelled out


Absolutely right. One of the b finalist marys were beaten by an absolute cricket score by ballymun kickers a year or two ago. I know clubs will go up and down but in reality most clubs are at the level they should be at, if they don’t like it as with TD play themselves into where they should be.


Dead right I think teams like marys , fingallians and a few other of the better d2 teams would prefer to be in the B at the moment especially with younger players coming through. At most these teams were winning their first round games in the A and then getting bet out the gate by one of the big clubs. this format has allowed some teams to play as much championships matches this year as they have all toghter over the last 2/3 years


TD were beaten by Brigids last year who couldn’t get out the group stages this time around. It was Skerries the year before that. Let’s not try to rewrite history. They’re clearly a club on the way up and have done some brilliant work underage over the past while but they’ve only themselves to blame for being in the B.


Annes beat them as well two three years ago I think


2017 Brigids 0-14 TD 1-8
2016 Skerries 1-12 TD 1-11
2015 Na Fianna 0-16 TD 1-9
2014 St Anne’s 1-14 TD 1-10
2013 Brigids 5-16 TD 0-17

They’d two wins over the 5 years; Clontarf and Trinity Gaels.