Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018


10 out of 11 :wink:


Sorry don’t get the joke


Its no joke. It will end up crippling you


If Davis line need to have a look at themselves then the Lines Man in the 2nd half and more so in particular Parnell Park Staff need to look at themselves also. Refusing to allow water carriers on the pitch in breaks of play for both sides was crazy stuff. Sometimes these people in power let it really go to their heads…


Ino it’s crazy happens at every game in there unfortuanly, but just leave the lads on the pitch to do there job which they did with an impressive performance, it’s the lads on the line that will lose the game for them in future circumstance, every two seconds the we’re calling ref ref ref lineman lineman, look there only getting caught up in the emotion of the game ino but again just let the lads do what they do best on the pitch because there well able.


What age is Adam Fallon? He’s something else.


Agree our line got sucked into things today and need to improve going forward.


Adam is 25/26 has been our best defender now for many years definitely think he is worth a look with Dublin. Argument about his size isn’t valid any more with Murchan on the scene and the job he did on O Callaghan today was top notch.


What about Niall o Callaghan from Cuala ? Is he worth a look ?


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The rules are very clear, both at club and intercounty level , water carriers are not allowed on the pitch. If a player needs a drink he should go to the water carrier on the side line not the other way around. 31 people inside the white lines is more than enough at any time during a match.


Watched him in a couple league games and didn’t seem to be playing in defence? Was playing a third midfielder role winning breaking ball and linking the play.


Should be a great Derby Final. Shane has been a great servant to Mary’s, as has his family , but a little birdie tells me he is leaving Mary’s at the end of this campaign as he’s moving to Kerry


Adam Fallon is a serious tallant kept an all star to one point from play today what more does he need to do


I agree Adam had an excellent game and would be great to see during the league but also need to highlight the excessive pressure from forwards and midfielders to stop ball delivered in. Cuala just couldn’t live with that pressure because they hadn’t come up against it to date all season. Two great semi finals and a great final to look forward to


Great entertainment from a Southsiders perspective today. The B semi final was a great game and was level after 60 mins. Thomas Davis were excellent and deserved winners.
A team to watch over the coming years. The real tragedy is this upcoming cuala team with Niall ocallahan, (what a player, totally eclipsed his brother) fitzsimons, Mullally, Shutte, Spilane, Clancy and others are confined to the B championship for another year at least.
Both these teams are top 8 if not top 6 in the county.
Jude’s just were too good on the day for Vins who looked a team just too long on the road.
Whatever about not starting Diarmod how can they leave Varley on the bench. Consistently their best forward after Mossy and Connelly over the last 3 years.
Maxi was great and Jude’s are physically very strong right throughout the pitch. Kilmacud though I think will prevail, they have consistently performed in league and championship all season. Davis to win the B comfortably.
3 of the top 4 in the A from Southside
3 of the top 4 in B from Southside
Split Dublin in two?


Fallon is a real tough competitor really difficult to shake he’s fast strong and brave. Opponents always seem to under estimate him because he looks so young. He got a great score but I think Davis’s would have been happy to see Con out the filed strange move by Cuala.

From Cuala I thought Mullaly had a fine game and Schute started very well. Keating is a tidy little player always causes a bit of danger every time I see him but some the hight ball into him wouldn’t have suited him.


U talk some shite :joy:


Heard Davis’ lads raving about him for years that he’s 1 that he’s their most important/best player and 2 the best man marker in the county/country. I saw it for myself yesterday. I gave Davis’ no chance yesterday mainly because of Con but Cuala kept moving him further from goal to try get him away from Fallon. The further out he went the more Fallon got on the ball and he linked lot of Davis’ attacks and chipped in with a point as well. Outstanding performance and apparently gave Tom Keane from Olafs nothing in the 1/4 final either.


Iv never seen any player get the better of Adam Fallon, he destroyed Keane off olafs as well, he lives for football, should have got a chance with Dublin years ago