Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018


Would he be good enough to make Dublin panel?


In my opinion Shane is 2nd/3rd best keeper in the country never mind Dublin. The only thing reason he’s not on the panel ahead of the likes of Comerford is because he plays for us and not one of the so called bigger clubs


Think the Scoil Ui Connail keeper was in the squad for a bit, not a ‘big’ club, ya could be right but I’m not so sure


Howiya Shane


:joy::joy::joy: I’m not Shane but I’m in the team!


Are you one of the corner backs?


@alanoc bangs that drum too about no Vinnies players on the panel. :sunglasses:


Yep he is a class keeper, great shot stopper and very good kickouts, big fella as well



Thomas Davis 2-15 Cuala 2-11


Great win for Davis’s. Well deserved.


Good game between TD and Cuala, much higher standard than yesterday. TD by 4, but that includes a last minute goal. Some great point taking by both sides.


Good game between Davis and cuala, but Jesus Davis line wanna have a look at them selfs kept at the ref constantly, need to be careful with that sort of stuff because it can go against them next day out, let the lads on the field do there job there well able.


Davis’ to lose now and back in A Champo!


Didn’t see much going on on the line bar the usual few shouts in, same as every sideline in Ireland!!. Very good game, Davis corner back Adam Fallon kept con scoreless and scored 1 himself, did give away the odd free but done a superb man marking job. Few of Davis s young guns from last years minor team were excellent throughout.


Marys and Thomas Davis final , Davis won the group match by three points and surely favourite considering their a D1 team but Marys have won their last 8 out of 9 league/ championship games if I’m not wrong and surely will fancy it , really impressed with TD today their discipline and patience on the ball was amazing




Pretty sure he kicked the winning 45 when they played round towers in the quarter finals , that’s a serious asset


The stream for the semifinals A and B


I’d recommend surgery. They only get worse if left alone.