Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018


His aul fellah laid on the goal for him and JJ chipped in with 2 pts


Ciaran Farrelly 1-3
David Foran 1-1
Jimmy Owens 0-4
Peter Boland 0-3
Liam Walsh 0-2
Chris Sallier 0-2
JJ Martin 0-1
Paul Nugent 0-1


Fake news.

Christina Mc Ginty got 0-2


On another note Td fielded 1-15 homegrown players last night, brought on 4 subs in which 3 were home grown. Not many clubs now playing senior with full squads of their own players, in contrast to some of our neighbouring clubs.


And so it starts again…


Get a few outsiders in and you’ll stay in the A championship for a few years so !


They stayed in the A championship for about 50 years & more and were relegated because of a procedural change in the championship.


its a joke martin - hence the ‘!’ at the end




Is that why Timmy O’Dowd didn’t get a game?

Pat Dwane injured?


Fair play. Great to hear. In my club’s case the drop off from minor to adult is my massive so we would struggle to stay at the level we are at without the outsiders we have. We don’t recruit players but we don’t refuse them when they approach us either.


Don’t think so. Cuala out of hurling championship and as per a previous post they would compete in the A champ with Con O’ Callahan nearly able to win A champ on his own along with his brothers Niall and Cian, together with Darragh Spillane,the treacey’s the 3 Schutte’s , Mick Fitz, Peadar O Cofaigh Byrne, all inter county. Its all over bar the shouting. Davis’ went to DRA and Cuala were backing them all the way and in fairness I think both should have been in A champ… Again note Parnells in A…


Not really sure what you mean here?
Cian O’Callaghan doesn’t play football, nor do either of the Treacy’s, only Mark plays out of the 2 Schutte brothers. Mind you, all above are capable footballers.


He came on for Liam Adamson


Fran Troy had a great game in goal


Anyone play well for Olafs?


Mark Treacy was midfield for Dublin Minors last year, Paul Schutte although injured is an excellent footballer. Also Conor Mullaly not mentioned above, was on the Dublin Senior Panel this year


Not particularly no. Tom keane was well man marked throughout, eoin foley was lively but overall a poor performance from them. They looked very flat in the second half.


Easy to guess the age range of those eh naming the TD scorers. One of the Nugents nickname is nugget , the other had a nickname you be arrested for nowadays if you called him by it.


Was David Byrne playing for Olaf’s?