Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018


I’ve never read as much sh1te in my life…


You clearly don’t read much of Ewan McKennas stuff


That’s an incredible amount of boll*x to squeeze in to one post, I agree with none of it


Has the Davis Olafs rematch been confirmed for Wednesday?


Td Olaf’s fixed for wed 10th Parnell park 7.30pm


parnells should be in Jnr 1 as a punishment for pulling a few teams from Championships they entered this year thus giving other teams free rides in relegation play offs. Disgraceful imo


One of the arguments that Thomas Davis put forward last year was , I believe , Senior b was losing there status as a senior team ? This was rejected by dcb up to dra?
If Parnells have conceded a championship game should that not mean all senior relegation playoff are cancelled ?
Would Parnells not be put to intermediate?
Seems strange that you’d keep senior status after conceding a senior game.
I can see another appeal coming if a club is not happy dropping to inter!


No teams are dropping to inter this year. No relegation in the Senior B


K missed that one !
Still the main point on senior status is valid


I don’t think it answers the hypothesis.


While the “calculation” as to who should be in A versus B was obviously ridiculous, now that we’re here the one solution to make it a valuable competition would be to have a playoff between the Senior B champions and the Inter A champions to decide who represents Dublin in the Leinster Intermediate championship. They do similar in some other counties.


TD vs Olafs re-fixture tonight in Parnell Park. Davis’s will need a big step up from the last day to get through tonight…


What was the score before it was abandoned?


Olafs were up by 1 point


What happened?..
Never mind, you meant the first game…my dumb brain thought you meant tonight :blush:


TD won 2-17 to 1-5


Good win for TD. Them vs Cuala at the weekend should be a cracker.


Who were the scorers?


Talking to a Davis man after match this evening. They won convincingly without paul Hudson Shane McGrath Cian Murphy Chris sadlier and ryan deegan, most of their only players with inter county experience. Should be a cracker when they play cuala.


Paul Curran got 1-6