Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018


For a bloke more used to saving it was a beauty.


Ha the bauld Harry. Gent of a man. Player manager next year, you heard it here second.


Are you sure you have that right?


Yeah. It’s up on Wikipedia now as well. Or did you get a score yourself? !


Being played on Wed 10th in Parnell Park I believe.





Hyman … speaking of Roth … right over their heads …


Oh dear


You shouldn’t believe everything you read in the papers.


I met Dully this morning fixing an overhead power line in north county Dublin. He was disgusted that the papers got his name wrong




Good to see this competition getting enough respect to play the semi finals in Parnell also


Or Wikipedia


It got the respect it deserved when 2 refs didn’t show up earlier in competition. The 3 D1 teams paired together in next 2 matches shouldn’t be in it. Cuala are way too good and it also shows how 2 up 2 down would be a waste, as with an open draw the 2nd best team in the comp won’t be the team that Cuala beat in the final… Note Parnells are in A ??


Are there any match reports for the Quarter-Finals in Senior B?


A couple of small paras in the Diario de Sevilla here - mostly just the scorers. They must read the stuff here.


@steveyblue might have something on Grassroots


I am sure Olafs or TD might have something to say about Cuala winning it


Yet Cuala only beat Mearnog after Extra-Time last weekend, the gap is actually quite small. This format will take two or three years to even out, but teams will be where they are by merit at that point. Thomas Davis, Olafs and Cuala could all be considered potential SFC quarter finalists if a lot of things went well for them, but the momentum they will get from winning this and the A format next year will give them a better shot at getting there and beyond.