Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018


Bullsh*t. Head injury or not, an individual knows their limits. If he asked to come off, something was obviously wrong


Just hope it isn’t too serious!


Player didn’t ask to come off don’t know where your getting your information from but it’s wrong


After the clash, he just about gets up. Play continued and he went to the sideline holding his back and i didn’t hear what was said but looked fairly evident he was looking to come off. About half minute later, in middle of play with ball nowhere near him - he just collapsed crying in agony. So are you telling me he went over to the sideline just for the chats!?


I’m telling you your talking pony


You speculating on a forum isn’t going to help the lad. If you don’t know what was said best of keeping your opinions to yourself. It’s a terribly unfortunate injury just hoping it’s not too serious.


Fair enough, I wasn’t there. Was going off above posts. Either way, I hope the lad is OK


Sorry my initial point of him asking to go off was misleading as i dont know what he said but my point was he shouldn’t have played on as was a bad collision. Do hope he is ok.



Flynner was immense at midfield on Saturday…head and shoulders above most on the pitch


Totally agree… just put in a really strong shift without dominating the game himself but totally looking unmarkable whenever he was involved

Thought Fins were strong all over the pitch. Couldn’t see any massive weaknesses… did a lot of damage from midfield…


Do you know who the scorers were for Fingallians?


I believe it was a total accident and he got injured when one of his Team-Mates bumped into him contesting for a high ball. Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.


They were taking him off just before he went down, the TD sub was on the line waiting for break in play- unfortunately the TD player went down before a break in the play came.


P Flynn 10 points (4f)
K Duff 1-8 (3f)


Could have sworn Stephen Carslake got a point?? Great to see Duff still playing.


He did you’re almost correct. Ref had already blown for the free in though, which Duff duly dispatched. He’s a phenomenon.


How old is Dully now?


How did Harry Keegan play in defence? Could he be in with a shout of being called up by the Rossies again for next year?


JC Savage got a goal anyway