Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018


You weren’t worried about relegation were you?


I hope there a full match reports for all 4 quarterfinals from some news outlet.


See IFC post…this is ridiculous. They have 9 days to see sense and cancel the IFC relegation games. thus eliminating the bye in one fell swoop.


Image of Con!


not in the slightest more worried about having to play in the depths of winter again haha!


Not sure if this was already asked. Is the semi finals an open draw in the A and B champs? For hurling and football?


Will you be flying over for the final?


Lads, anyone know if the remaining games in the groups will be played considering the QF’s are already fixed?


sorry if posted elsewhere, what was he thinking?


There are no words.


I don’t know what was cynical about it. Stupid might be a better adjective.


That’s a sin, especially it been the last kick off the game.


Probably couldn’t resist the opportunity to put cynical and Dublin in the same headline.




Typical rag headline from a sh1t site.


Nice finish by the Mearnogs forward I must say.


What was he thinking though. It was the same lad that was trying to block the keepers kick out, no 22 which means he was probably only brought on to slow the game down :joy::joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: no.22

Though also wondering what Anne’s keeper was up to so far from line.


Nice finish to what was a brutal match, probably one of the worst standards of football seen in this championship, cuala will take mearnog to the cleaners.


I assumed the keeper was the intended recipient of the free, probably thinking he would come out and be totally unmarked…numpty!