Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018


Davis going well this year to be fair


Should really be in the “A” championship!



They are but Cuala have a serious amount of fire power up front and a solid defence. Cuala’s league form is distorted by having 4 players on the Dublin panel plus hurlers who might tog out for championship


Agreed the hurling has a big impact out there. Alot of the hurlers well able to play football.


Con O’Callaghan
Niall O’Callaghan
Mick Fitzsimons
Mark Schutte
Conor Mullally
Peadar O’Cofaigh Byrne
Luke Keating
Jamie Keenan
Darragh Spillane
Eoghan Breathnach
Colum Sheanon (He played last year?)
John Sheanon ?

Thats’ a pretty impressive panel


Is Matthew Clancy still playing with Cuala?


That’s only 12. They need 15 to start the game


I can’t remember if he was starting against us earlier in the year.


Clancy is back playing for last 2/3 months, wasn’t involved at start of year due to work and college commitments.


Highlights! More games at Parnell Park in Senior B please so I can view the highlights.


The younger o Callaghan - Niall, looks like a very talented footballer


Why would anyone follow the B before the A?!?!?!



If they were dyslexic???


I really like this comp. Olafs vs Davis is a real top Championship game and the fact it is for something meaningful is great too. How many get to Division 1? Top 1 or 2?


One promoted only


Think it was mentioned earlier in thread, only 1 goes up! Wonder if they may change to 2 going forward as it would improve championship (would make final group and relegation games more meaningful).


Lads, a quick one, not sure if it’s been metioned previous but is there relegation this year for Senior B?


No Relegation from SFC B this year.

The Bye drops down to IFC for 2019.


Sound Costy appreciate it lad!