Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018




This photo might help!


Is it Bernard Bogan, Sean Cavanagh or Mick Mc Carthy by any chance?




Thats Pat McCarthy, Michael is his son. Not sure if he played with Kerry though!


It’s big Jim McDonald - his son Stevie played for Armagh …


Could be this man



Michael McCarthy is 27-29 age bracket. Played underage with him. That is of course it is Michael you’re talking about, he definitely wasn’t Minor in 2015


Is it Ger O’Keefe ?


This Pat McCarthy seems to be involved with Sallins in Kildare


I think Pat McCarthy might have played with St Brendan’s (Grangegorman) in the 90’s too.


Yea Pat McCarthy was Name we thought it might be. He lined out v Dublin in 1975 final AFAIK


Were you supposed to be taking a picture of the lad drinking the pint or your one at the bar? Creepy either way




That the Lord Mayors?


Every chance it is! Lad making enquirie and sent the photo is from Swords! :+1:


Never mind that. Who is the mystery guest, and does he know he’s being stalked?


if they come up against davis
they wouldn’t be regarded as strong favs


I’d have them ahead of davis


Photo looks like Pat McCarthy, father of Michael from Syls. But hes not the same chap that played midfield for Kerry in the 70’s afaik.