Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


My point is Alan, that unlike other posts where I saw folk congratulating Mullinalaghta, yours came accross as celebrating


Celebrating? Absolutely. A remarkable achievement.


As i said Alan, I read all the thread, did not find anyone saying that Mullinalaghta did not deserve their win, but got the feeling you took more pleasure out of it then most and the other posters are not all from crokes, I pulled you for that and that alone, I am not from Crokes and wish the Longford lads all the best


Great in terms of all those things you’ve listed. Agreed on the quality, but as you say Winter football it is.

My point is football isn’t bad enough to warrant all these nonsensical changes. It’s competition or lack there off that’s the issue. A conversation for another thread anyway, or a bar stool.


You pulled me for that?

Next time I’ll give you a shout before posting so I can make sure that I get my level of appreciation for whatever achievement I am celebrating just right.



Congrats Mullinalaghta, worthy winners in the day. And also to people of Longford who certainly supported them yesterday to put their support well above 400.

A bit of no no show for Crokes but I’ll hasten to mention that only three of the first 15 are over 27 and most of the team are under 24. The team will get better and we’re very proud of what the team and indeed the managment have achieved this year coming actually from a low base .


Perhaps a grossly underachieving base as opposed to a low one


Wouldn’t agree that this group has underachieved in a relative sense . If your talking underage talent , I’d say Na Fianna have won twice as much underage as this Crokes team have in the last number of years. And if your talking Dublin, only three on the Dublin senior panel and one or two on this years u20 panel.

And unlike your good selves only one outsider on on panel who was periphery enough in fairness


The club bashing is quite childish really


I’m certainly nog club bashing despite seesaw spiirited defence / attack…

Most neutrals woukd have expecected more from Crokes since 2010, so it’s fair to say they have undrerachieved given underage success, resources and over most of that time strong intrrcounty externals joining… seesaw that’s honest observation not criticism…


For those that constantly go on about Dublin ,Numbers, Money, Resources etc. Our best answer now is to just to say Mullinalaghta. Congratulations to them they fully deserved their win,I can only imagine what the celebrations are like. Conceding an early goal only spurred them on and they never gave up.
Crokes never got into the game and playing keep ball with 5 minutes to go on a soft pitch with no bounce against a team with such determination was always going to end badly.


Winning GAA matches aint easy. The man who spent 4 days in another continent directly ahead of a Leinster final must understand this.


Agree with the majority of posters here. Crokes (a young team) weren’t cute enough today to win a game where it was apparent that they were playing poorly. Even the bit of cynical play meant they got three huge decisions - black card, penalty, Cian sending off - were all wrong IMO. Not sour grapes. Crokes were beaten by a better, more experienced team on the day. And when they got a sniff they had the class and balls to grab it. It’s one of the most remarkable stories ever in the GAA. Maybe the most remarkable.

So fair play to them. They’re all over the tv and proper order.

I agree largely with Alan, Crokes will be fine, very good young team, some good youngsters coming. Strongly disagree on Flatman though, he puts the hand on the player who then throws the legs up in the air when it was unnatural I,e. a dive. Hate that shit, happens all the time. Sorry for Flatman who’s a teenager. But he could have lots of big days ahead.

Club games are the best of the GAA.


The sending off made no odds as time was up I agree looking back the black card was harsh but I can see why the peno was given arm was put across the player he went down not saying he dived but very hard for the ref to decide in a split second I probably agree with the ref on this call but at the end of the Crokes should’ve seen it out


Agree, Cian sending too late to matter. Awful decision though.


I couldn’t see the foul for the penalty, but then again I have no idea what it is a legal tackle these days and what isn’t - so who knows really…

Crokes were maybe too young for this in general. They got horsed out of it too much and didn’t win enough 50/50s.

Mannion might get a backlash from this now. Opposition players will think if they really get stuck into him they can put him off. He was put off in this game.


I really can’t understand how anyone thinks it was not a penalty for Mullinalaghta. I was bemused by anyone who thought ours wasn’t in the AI Final but not any more …


A long season for Mannion , hard to be constantly at your best.




I don’t see the foul and I have no axe to grind either way.