Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Small point but fair play to Crokes lads.
Were always good winners as a club but important to carry yourself well in defeat…many an obvious example post game of honest decent congratulations of Longford lads and remaining to salute their conquerors.


Hard luvk to Crokes. I am sure they are bitterly disappointed right now but 2018 will be remembered by them as a good in the years ahead.
Congrats to Mullinalaghta. Phenomenal achievement.


Was a big turning point for me. Probably would have been the winning of the game. Horan equally when done for steps. Had so many options and picked the worst one. Burke with a poor wide after kicking a peach. Dias earlier in second half as well with a poor wide. Commiserations to Crokes but some very poor decisions up front cost them.


Where did David Campbell from Crokes go to? Was on Dublin 21s a couple years ago. Could you have done with him at FF today.


Yes Horan over carrying was a decisive moment too.


They were comfortably retaining possession when one of the subs kicked an awful pass that he didn’t even need to and the turnover saw a point which reduced it to two. That started the rot.


Hard luck to crokes, Young enough team overall, with s bit of luck they’ll have another stab at it. Embarrassed? The opposition didn’t get that far by accident.


Didnt see the game, from what I have heard the winners were deserving of their win so well done, hard luck to Crokes. Just looking back over the posts, sorry Alan, but reading your posts leaves one with the feeling that you got a lot of satisfaction out of the result, why ? I dont know, but it reads that way. BTW Rochey I agree 100% with your post.


Alan struggles at times like this to hide his distain for Kilmacud Crokes


Every club bar Marino truth be known!


I’ve nothing but admiration for the way Crokes do their business. Unlike some clubs. But they were beaten by the better team today.

If that’s disdain then I guess I’m guilty.



This site is absolutely gas sometimes. We bitch and moan about people complaining that we have every advantage and all the money and all the resources and all the population and blah, blah, blah and then when a club comes along and shows that it’s not about resources or money or anything other than being well prepared and ready to grab the chance when it’s presented to you people then complain when you praise that.

People can bang on all they like about how Crokes should not have lost today nor Vincents last year. But they did. That’s the great thing about the club championship. It is by a moonlight mile the best thing about the GAA. Crokes will get over this and win plenty more. This may be as good as it ever gets for Mullinalaghta. Listening to an interview yesterday on RTE and despite all their success, they way things are going the club might well not be fielding in a decade or two.

Now if you can’t celebrate what they achieved today then fair enough. I can. And it would make no difference to me who they were playing today, even Vincents :wink:


I don’t think anybody in Crokes will disagree that the best team won today. As you have pointed out Mullinalaghta have served their time at this level and got the reward today for their persistence and ability. It’s a relatively inexperienced Crokes team at this level, they should come back stronger next season


Better team won on the day but the ref got the call wrong on this occasion. A noting infraction is all that was warranted as, previously mentioned, this was not a deliberate pulling of the opponent to the ground.


Cian’s form is quite worrying


Dont think I saw one post that did not give credit to Mullinalaghta for their win, nor did I see one saying they did not deserve it, but as I said yours stood out, would you be up for Mullinalaghta if the played Vins, same rules applied you should be .


Another great game today. Hasn’t been a poor one in the knockout stages in the 4 provinces that I’ve seen anyway. Shows what happens when you’ve an actual competitive competition. If the GAA had got the finger out years ago and done a tiered competition, we’d have no need for all the nonsensical rule changes they’re gonna trial in the new year.


What rules? I’m not a member of Crokes so unless there’s a hard and fast rule that we simply must support another club because they’re from the same county then no, the same rules do not apply.

I should support another club against my own club?

How does that make sense?

Of course I wouldn’t. But that does not mean I cannot appreciate what it would mean for a tiny club from the middle of nowhere to beat Vincents. And I would certainly appreciate that rather than suggesting that it was embarrassing to lose to such a club…

I don’t tend to view the GAA from a Dublin county or a club perspective all of the time. It’s not just about who you support or even where you’re from.


That last line is a nonsense line. Why wouod anyone be up for a team against their own?


Exciting - yes. Full of effort and commitment - yes. Competitive - yes. Great? No - poor enough in quality and very negative for the most part too. Munster games were poor enough with Crokes dishing out a lot of hidings - Corofin hammered Roscommon champs and handled Ballintubber at ease. Ulster was very similar to today - lots of heart etc but plenty of negativity. All that said, playing football at this time of year is not easy.

But a bit of romance doesn’t mean things are great.