Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Amazing. A fairy tale. And what makes the GAA great. Well done Mullinalaghta.


Mullinalaghta are an ok outfit, but Crokes got bullied today. Even with that they should have won by 3 or 4 if they took the right options.


Club is not the same as county. Rathnew has plenty of pedigree and Mullinalaghta well deserved their win today. Take off the blue tinted glasses and give credit where it is due.


Awful result for Kilmacud.


Fair play to Mullinalaghta. A parish of 400. Crokes would have more in their nursery. It’s a fairy tale for the Longford boys.


Same principles apply in terms of size of club and resources. Rathnew did nothing after beating Vincent’s and neither will St Columbas.

Fair play to them for their win. Phenomenal achievement.


Huge achievement for such a small club, congratulations to them.

Commiserations to all the Crokes lads here, it’s easy for some to throw muck at your club and team’s good name, when I’m sure you could point out many ways that the team prepared beyond diligence and effort. Sometimes things just don’t go your way. Simples!


They just won the Leinster club title FFS. They’re in the last four in the country. What they do next is totally irrelevant


Its hard to believe the whole pop.of mullnahachta is out on the field. Well done to them , but crokes were terrible, took so many wrong options , corafin or dr crokes wouldn’t mauled them


Whereas if Kilmacud had won they’d be talked about as potential champions.

It’s great achievement for them but a disaster of a result for Kilmacud. What exactly is your point or are you just caught up in the romance of the club championship as one of your Dublin rivals get embarrassed?


Well done to St Columbas. First Longford to win Leinster club championship. Longford have always overachieved at inter county and club and never complain about their resources. No excuses for likes of Kildare, Meath and Laois when see results like today.


Hard luck to Crokes but great day for Longford.
Hard to believe only 400 in parish. Not even a jersey sponsor.
Never saw Crokes troubling Crokes or corofin but thought they had enough for Leinster but some days it just won’t go for you especially tusk time of year.


Decision making was poor. Could understand first half reluctance to shoot. Callum Pearson through on goal in second half and done for steps instead of taking easy point when 3 up at the time summed Crokes performance.


Fair play to Mullnahachta, fairytale stuff. They had a serious level of fitness today.
Amazing to see a team achieve a Leinster title without a sponsor on the jersey.


You think?

On today’s performance if Crokes had scraped it people would have been talking about them as potential champions? I doubt it.

You may think they have been embarrassed. What happened was they were beaten by the better team. I don’t think that’s embarrassing.


Have watched Pearson through the club championship and been very impressed. Thinking he would / should get look in with Dublin. Was well off the mark with decision making today. To be fair though he’s young lad who got no leadership from the older & more experienced players around him.


Alan, the world around us involves things going wrong and in game of football, footballers failing to perform. For the 1/5 underdog to win will usually require the favorite making a balls of things. Great for the underdog. Not so good for the 1/5 favorite when it happens. As a Dub I’m focused on why our club champions lost if that’s ok with yourself.


Crokes forwards were poor in general today Darragh Mullin was huge loss. Crokes half forward had no scoring presence. Would have hammered by Dr Crokes if played them on today performance.


Mickey Graham doing serious job with the. He be doubling jobbing for next couple months as took over as Cavan manager too.


They lost because they were playing a team that stayed with them the whole time and then capitalized on Crokes melting down in the last five minutes.

Don’t mind the bookies. It’s not like Mullinalaghta have come out of nowhere this year. And 1/5 in a two horse race is madness bearing in mind they have some form over the last couple of years The fact that they absolutely blitzed Eire Og should have been warning enough.