Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Mullinalaghta are going to regret all the missed chances.


Really poor game this. Corofin or Dr Crokes would murder either of these teams on this form. Kilmacud need to try and find a bit of composure. Dreadful first half from them.


A strong wind so Crokes should be ok. But they need another tactic then just getting the ball into Mannion


Columbas kicking game away between wides and ball dropping short. Wind must be strong as Crokes not shooting from long distance. Thought black card was harsh as Columbas player exaggerated contact.


Crokes seem to be obsessed with working openings for goals instead of taking points when the chance is there. Dara Mullins is a loss up front too but hopefully they’ll play more sensibly in the second half


on the black card, If it was 10mins in the sin bin as in the experimental rule then I think that would be good example of punishment fitting the crime in this instance,


Columba’s now doing what Crokes were doing. Trying to walk the ball into the net.


Love the armchair critics here. Sitting in warm houses passing judgment on a game 100 kms away in December with no idea what conditions are like. Yis must’ve been great players …


Nothing to do with how good, bad or indifferent anyone was as a player, simply observations on how a game is going, or are we not allowed have opinions on the game without prior approval from you?


Yeah you are but maybe take into account it’s not July.


Bernard Flynn being impartial as always…


Absolute meltdown by Crokes.


So being obsessed with trying to score goals and not taking points is ok as a tactic in July?


Conditions - never mind.


The penalty was dubious enough though. I couldn’t see the actual foul in it.


Nestor with a melt down with the last two points.


Clear penalty all day


All I saw was a slap down on the ball. There was no pull or trip.


You mean like playing with a dry ball on a calm day? Like today??

Kilmacud a shambles today. Dublin club champions go out to Rathnew from Wicklow last year and St Columba’s from Longford this year!!


Crokes absolutely terrible thought just had to show up today and then thought wind would win it for them in 2nd half hungrier team won and well deserved