Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


My issue with it is that if he (or anyone else) transfers into a vlub of that size and plays, he will be preventing a very good, home-grown player from playing Senior A HC for his club. And who is to say that the player left out might not, otherwise, develop into a player who could challenge for a spot on the county team?


Lee Chin is 100% not joining crokes, I’m fairly certain this rumour started as a joke and has unfortunately grown legs.


If he did he would no longer be Lee Chin off his parents.


A lot.


Bit wary about building Kilmacud up after yesterday but surely they can see off a club with just 22 players from half a village that has just a Centra, half a pub, no hairdressers, a scratch card shop and a multi million farm machinery dealership.


I presume you’re in the wrong thread and that’s a quote from (insert name here) bitter fake journalist/expert commentator/ex-Kerry player/coach talking about whatever county team is playing against Dublin that week?


In fairness it’s not that big.


Mullinalaghta are handy enough, they held Vincents to four or five points a few years ago and they beat Rhode en route to the final this year. Crokes should be better, but it’s not such a sure thing. I suspect with both teams playing to their peak Crokes are five points or so better, but that is a small enough margin that can be overcome with bad weather or good tactics.


You’re dead right. These boys beat Rhode, and even past their best, no one would underestimate that shower.


Terrible decision to give a black card to Flatman


Totally correct in my view. He pulled the man down. Is that not what the black card is for? Poor skills, lost the ball, lazy tackle. Crokes are being given their fill of it.


I agree it was a black card


A lot of play acting and diving around by the Longford players. Kilmacud not at the pitch of this game. Very poor so far.

Black card was correct decision.


Never a black card. The Mullinalaghta player grabbed Flatman;s arm and threw himself to the ground. A dive if anything.


The rule is to pull the player to the ground, which he didn’t do. He pulled him back and the Mullinaghta player threw himself on the ground, different thing altogether although the ref fell for it.


Ah would you stop. Crokes need to get themselves together. Only one team in it at the moment.


We’ll agree to disagree.


Mansion is going to get himself sent off if he keeps carrying on the way he is


Your right about Crokes. But not the black card


These lads are using a very physical approach to stifle Crokes and its working …