Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


None. Dyas came on second half - Armagh man.


Think your uncle is thinking of th crokes hurlers.


Strong rumour doing the rounds that one of Wexford’s better players will be with them next year,


Nah, just hates anything Dublin. He thought Nestor was from Mayo, confused him with a Mayo Nestor that played with Crokes.






How many of them started in Crokes at nursery/u8s and have come up through the club?




Without wanting to open this can of worms again, Ridiculous.


The rumour? Or the fact that it is happening. Found it hard to believe myself but the source would be a good one.


Yep, made a point of saying that the only intention of the post was to sort out an argument with an uncle, not to get into the tit for tat of the rights and wrongs of having outsiders playing, but some folk clearly can’t resist.


Of the 15 starters in the county Final 14 came up from underage with the club as did 2 of the 3 subs. Pat Burke played underage with St Judes but mainly played soccer. He played with Crokes, where his father has played and coached for decades, when he quit soccer. As already mentioned Kevin transferred in about 4 years ago when his career wouldn’t allow him to travel to Armagh for training.


If it happens it’s crazy. Huge club. Shouldn’t need another import.


Not defending them at all. But the expression “need another import” is a bit wide of the mark. If a guy or gal wants to join club a b or c then so be it. If a person is willing to join a club, fair play to them. I’m not a fan of big imports, but sometimes there are situations that require a club to allow outsiders to join!


Who’s this? Looks like Dalo gone. Joined Antrim Hurling management team.


Ah I know that, and agree generally but how many is too many. Must have 60 teams in crokes. Anyway don’t want to drag all this up again, certainly not on the back of a rumour.


That’s a surprise, hope he can help turn them around.


And this relevant to the Football Championship because someone posts it here???


Heard that a couple of weeks back. Interesting!


Sorry wrong thread. My mistake. “One of wexford’s better players” had me thinking hurling.