Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


@Rochey @alanoc Ah lads come on, bit early for trash talk, we’re only at round 1 :grinning::grinning::grinning:


I’ll have to disagree … I certainly didn’t want OPER to win in 2014. (The view at the time was they’d missed the once in generation chance of 1st title. I’m not sure they’ll be back at that level again)
I think I could live with crokes winning the odd SFC and Jude’s a 1st but after that, it would be the usual therapy required.
It’s likely that apart from 2 or 3 larger clubs like KC and BB most others will drop in and out of top 5 in rotational basis.


That wasn’t my point. My point was that Alan was making a less than complimentary remark about another club, and had somebody made it about Vinnies, he would have had a melt down. His double standards!

I’ve heard them called worse! :rofl: :rofl:


@Lostcause I’ve been looking at this for nearly 10 Minutes to see how predictive texting even came up with Plubketrs :sob::sob::sob:


Comments from ‘A spotty hormonal teenager’ might describe some of your replies to anything written about Ballymun that you don’t agree with. :joy:


He’s diabetic.


Isn’t that the truth about anyone and their club?
As it happens I would defend my club within reason. I wouldn’t defend the indefensible. And all I actually did was say something that stemmed from a conversation I had with an actual member of OPER. Can a man criticize his own club? Can that be reported? Is that ok?



Yous covering B championship ?


If you want to hear the Grassroots-gaaRadio Podcast on the way to the games, it’s up on Soundcloud


Ye, but only an odd game with live reporters. We’ll have a round-up article and hopefull one or two reports on Monday


Great to have this on the box. Not many there by the looks of it.


Is Shane Supple in goals for Bridgids , after playing last night for Bohs or did I hear that wrong ?
He is !


Ballymun running away with this .


Why wouldn’t he be in goal ???


Brigids are absolutely dire thus far .


I was just surprised that’s all !


Jaysus Brigids are woeful here so far


As demonstrated by Rock’s goal, switching between both mightn’t be so simple.


Any word on McCarthy, is he on the bench?