Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


He’s carrying a hamstring strain which doesnt help matters. . he was brilliant in the county final


His hammers certainly appear to be hampering him. He struggled early on v Galway with Burke. Difficult to know if there was an underlying issue there and he exacerbated it - but he was definitely not the COS of old. The final was a very similar story where he struggled on McCann before succumbing to the injury after 25 minutes. More likely to have been a recurrence of the semi injury. In both games he seemed to be left man on man as distinct from his usual free sweeper role and was struggling a bit which have have caused the injuries … hard to now which came first.


I don’t think he was ever fit enough to start that final TBH


No, he should have put his hand up and said he wasn’t fully fit


We don’t actually know he wasn’t. It could just have been an average performance followed by injury. He has always had hamstring issues, it can happen at anytime.


I think it was quite clear he was protecting himself on the day and was quite clear he wasn’t 100%

That’s my recollection of it anyway. That said, the copious amounts of alcohol in the days after could have altered my judgement!


Easy for me to say it but you shouldn’t be lining out in an All Ireland final (or any game) if you are gonna be protecting yourself.


Just watched the Portlaoise game there. Cian did make a few uncharacteristic mistakes but he was on his stag last week so hardly ideal preparation for a Leinster semi final. Some of his kick passing was top drawer.

Pearson would remind you of a young mannion, Dara Mullen a good 14 as well and McGowan? At 3 very impressive at times. Portlaoise need to find a free taker, missed some amount of trees and the peno late in (harsh call?).

The three hand pass rule is going to completely change football.


For better or worse?

My main fear is a packed defense with the attacking team forced to keep kicking the ball back to mid-field repeatedly until a forward gets open for a mark. Could get ugly but maybe it will work out okay,


Totally agree with first sentence here,


Invitation to bring back the blanket and watch teams kick into it. :grimacing:


Just read a post on twitter about the reasoning behind the new handpass rule:
The stats show that 75% of passes in AI Final this year where handpasses. So they’ve changed the rule to say you can only handpass 3 times in a row, then kick pass.
So if I’m reading this correctly, 3 of every 4 passes can be a handpass, which equates to guess what?..



Idiotic :joy:


Ah Tayto, c’mon, there has to be method in their madness…


We should ask a load of Australians over and have a few matches and use the rules and call them something stupid like the compromise rules.


Are you asserting that @Rochey waa otherwise sober?


Doubt it, know I wasn’t too sober for 48 hours.


‘Struggled against Moorefield’

The sending off had a lot to do with that.


‘Brilliant in the final’

You clearly didn’t watch the game!


Dont want to start the outsider argument again as it has been done, but to solve an argument with an uncle who refers to crokes as a combined county team, can anyone tell me how many if any outsiders they started with the last day.