Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


That fact nearly pushed Flynn over the edge. Did he have a bar there or something?


Forgive me See Saw, but I’m picturing something from Star Trek or Deep Space Nine.

Very enjoyable game and I’d imagine Portlaoise will be kicking themselves at the missed opportunities. Some of their wides were scandalous and the Crokes’ keeper was excellent too, denying the opposition a couple more goals.

Out of curiosity lads, who is the Flynn being referred to here - it’s not Paul I assume?


Here is a clue:)


Permatan anti Dub M***h man …


Aaaagh! Should have known that!! :confounded:


Beverley Cooper Flynn?


I’d agree, the next game for crokes should be a win and will set them up nicely for remainder of campaign. A team like crokes are like a mini dublin/kerry etc, where they will gauge the training, tactics etc over the course of their campaign. Interesting enough, was it 3 blacks yesterday, which kinda proves that tactical cynicism is alive and kicking with well versed teams and individuals who are prepared to take a black for the benefit of the team. I’m sure the black card wasn’t brought in for that reason, but again, effective teams will know how to exploit and halt play for the opposition at key times. Successful teams are ruthless and if they need to take a black card, so be it. Crokes were a prime example yesterday of tactically very good.

Not convinced just yet on them being all ireland champs but 2 matches to get there it not beyond possibility.


I think Crokes going the whole way is unlikely, but not beyond the realms of possibility. Corofin are a serious club team, but they seem to be struggling a little more this year. Of the rest, Crokes (Kilamcud) can match them on a given day.

Mannion is probably the form player in the country at the moment (apart from yesterday when he wasn’t great). But he is a great winter player, and wins those 50/50s that aren’t so attractive to a lot of players in the freezing cold.

If he could just tidy up a few technique / skill errors he could be one of the all time greats.


I think Dr Crokes may give any one of them their fill of it!


I would have Dr Crokes as clear favs meself. Serious fire power up front. I wouldn’t underestimate Gweedore either. It seems to me that Mannion is not 100% fit but he was still very good yesterday and got scores and frees when they were most needed.


Yea they se m to be running up big scores


Rest of Munster is pure shite. Dr Crokes are clearly the best team in Kerry and by far the best in Munster.


Would love to see Gweedore or St Columbas go all the way.


Nice to see the other Dublin clubs getting behind KC



How do you come to that conclusion?


Final fixed for Tullamore on 9th December at 1.30 - best of luck to Kilmacud.


Think Dr Crokes might be overhyped, got drilled by an average Nemo team last year, backs are middling IMO . Corofin are tremendous but winter football is funny, they shot the lights out against the Rossies, very nearly lost county final. Similarly struggled over Moorfield last year. Well beaten two years ago by Dr Crokes. Kilmacud should fear no one. Probably third favourites is fair. If they could manage to get to Croke Park, no more than Corofin think it would really suit their pace and cover their inability to catch kick outs.

Mannion definitely looked like he was minding a leg yesterday . Flatman is outstanding at corner back for 18/19. Think their cover is blown as regards the ability of the likes of Pearson and especially Mullin.


Did Moorefield not beat Portlaoise last year?


They did but the stat is that Portlaoise have lost their last 8 consecutive meetings (including 3 finals in 4 years) in Leinster v Dublin clubs. When they won it in 2009 Boden had lost in the semi to Garrycastle.

This outlines the Portlaoise heartache


Does anyone think Cian O’Sullivan is gone off the boil a bit. I never liked him going into the tackle with the ball as he was prone to loosing it. Same again on Sunday for their first goal… Was poor prior to been taken off in A.I final… A great servant and his reading of the game is fantastic but I just think he is has gone back a bit this year