Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Best of luck to Crokes, love beating the lemons be it at county or club level.


They will bring huge crowd up probably outnumber crokes support


Is it?


Crokes lived on the edge there!


Listening to Flynn enroute to Airport, he only talked about how great Portlaoise were, never mentioned Crokes by name, bitter is not the word.


Was pissing myself laughing at him.


He was spitting at them missing the peno - slaughtered the taker. He hates Dublin winning anything - it’s great to sicken him all the time.

Crokes a bit lucky. Defence uncharacteristically very poor - 3 goals and a pen.


One of the most open games I’ve seen in a long time. Crokes could have had 2/3 more goals aswell.


Dropped into the 'Nell on a flying weekend home. Glad to have done so. Entertaining fare, maybe too entertaining for our county champions.

2nd goal desperately self-inflicted. COS flitted between being sweeper & picking up their no. 10 who seemed their best attacking threat. Pearson impressed I thought at times. Late 2nd half point by Andrew McGowan was a corker. Kudos to Nestor. Seemed a great late peno save in real time at least. He, plus the black-carded Crokes lad, got COS out of jail after he’d gifted possession away with an underhit handpass out.

Edit: A peno? For that?! Pffffft.


3 black cards too


Good open game, but Crokes to open at the back, some mad decisions, one umpire signals wide the other a point , the ref seems pissed off with two of them but gives the point. Late in the game the umpire clearly signals wide, but the lads play on and the umpire just takes down his hands. Even though the Crokes backs looked dodgy Mc Gowan looked class. COS had a bit of a mare and Mannion never really got going.
Fair play to Portlaise they played a good open brand of football, f…k the rule changes, just play the game as it should be played


Some contrast in physique in the two teams . Portlaoise big and bulky and a stereotype traditional full forward in Brian McCormack ( who very effective ) and Crokes for the most part relatively light but very nippy and plenty of direct running and overlap to create many chances

Data Mullin very dangerous for Crokes . Scored 1:2 and might have had another goal . Just came back from back to back cruciate injuries despite been only 23 or so . think he got Motm but looked be limping a bit as he went off .


Thought his decision making was terrible, he took on some shots that would have been outrageous points, but realistically he was kicking away the ball


Yea but he did get on a lot of ball with space which was disappointing from a kilmacud perspective


Crokes are getting better I think. Teams do seem to develop during this championship and it seems to be happening to Crokes. They were more cohesive then when I saw them in the Dublin championship. They have a lot of pace and good skillful players. Maybe not great under a high ball at midfield, but that’s not vital these days. They might give this a good rattle yet…


Crokes composure on front of goal was the difference. Portlaoise bottled it against a Dublin side yet again.Their full forward McCormack must have kicked 6/7 wides.


I’ve seen them play 4 Championship matches and this was easily their worst.


Yeah I’d agree. They had 1-10 scored just after the 20th minute mark and only tagged on another 7? Sloppy goals let in kept a limited Portlaoise on the premises. That 15 Maher would struggle in AFL2! Still, congrats to Crokes, hopefully give the rest of championship a good rattle.


8th in a row they have lost to dublin champs


Didn’t realise was that many times. Last time they beat Dublin club was Crokes in 04.