Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Éire Og v Mullinalaghta the other semi.


Corofin and Dr. Crokes will be a whole other ball game if KC run into them.


Dr Crokes scored 5-20 today…all from play no frees.

Don’t see KC taking corofin.


Dr. Croke’s and Corofin appear to be ahead of the rest.


You write Kilmacud off at your peril!


Silly to write Crokes off


Which Crokes?

Any team with Paul Mannion has a chance


Not sure anyone is writing them off but winning the club All Ireland with the likes of Corofin and Dr. Crokes in the mix will not be easily done.


Kilmacud very well coached this year . Amazing a difference a management team can make something we shouldn’t ignore with Dublin either. .Things can go pear shaped if the management /coaching levels anyway slide.


Kilmacud are flying and will put it up to any club team they face. Their backs are very sticky and work together as a unit. They’ve some lovely mobile forwards up front and recycle the ball until the right chance presents itself. Mannion’s pace, strength and shooting is in the upper level at county grade so at club he really makes hay. My only worry is if he is shut down in a tight game they could struggle for scores from play elsewhere. Their midfield is a concern as keeper goes short with nearly everything. As we saw in county final when Jude’s pressed up in the second half they dominated midfield until Cian called one on himself. However they don’t do panic and are a slick outfit.

As predicted earlier in this thread, Dunboyne aren’t even in the same ball park as Crokes and gave away numerous silly frees inside their 21. Some of their shot selection was dire too and their final option was throw Gallagher onto the edge of the square and kick no ball into him. Meath football is in a bad way and it could be years before they’re back at a competitive level.


Meath club football was shite when they were winning all Ireland’s senior football in that county has never been strong


4 points scored by Dublin lads for Dunboyne.


I think Walterstown lost 2 Finals in the early 80s. Other than that they’ve been non existent.


The bigger shock really is that the Kerry champions can hand such a hiding to the Cork champions. Cork used to be the kingpins of club football, they have loads of clubs, so theoretically should have developed a stronger club base then Kerry.


Galway champions destroyed the Roscommon champions too


This is correct. Dr C and Corofin will be in the semis and are outstanding. But Crokes backs will give anyone their fill of it. Dr C defence got walked all over by Nemo last year. Corofin are ballers.

I think third favourites about right for Crokes, but backs give them a chance with anyone, typical Crokes same as 2009. And their second best forward to come back hopefully. Good Dublin underage players like Nolan and Fox not making the team.


Some very one sided games today, going to be some serious battles ahead.


Who that?


Which province plays which in the semis?

Is it the same pairings for the club hurling?


I think having Mannion gives them a chance too. Mannion is shaping up to be the best footballer in the county if he continues in this vein.

You are right about the youngsters too, Fox is a very good player and would be the mainstay of lots of teams.