Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Noticing you clarified yourself Judy, fair enough.


Thought it was a decent crowd myself, LOTS of people came in late and not sure if the camera showed it but there was a very good crowd on the terrace on the Golf Course side.


Compared to the last number of years there was nowhere near as many people there.


Nether team lives a hundred yards from Parnell Park. Crokes had a hurling final the previous week and a replay the previous day. It was live on TV. All things considered it was a decent crowd and a good atmosphere.


I was thinking more about neutrals myself. Maybe they just went for the TV.


It didn’t engage the neutral as a prospect quite as much as the last couple of finals. Congrats to the Crokesters on here, and big commiserations to the Judesters. Looking back the 5 or 6 years since Mannion first impressed on the intercounty scene, then had a couple of years or more where his promise seemed always a bit more than his impact, it’s really wonderful to see the player he has matured into, a great one, who may go on to be a true great if he can keep it up. I say that because of the skill and style and pace that he has always had, he’s one of those rare enough players you watch a game just to see what he might/can do above and beyond almost any other.


For those who haven’t seen it…


Cold night, neutrals definitely gonna stay on the couch Alan.


Yeah, 20min walk away from Parnell myself but I watched on the TV.

Thought Crokes were easily the better side, very patient on the ball and didn’t waste anything.
Judes line should have changed the zonal marking tactic to double or triple marking Mannion. He was exceptional but mad that the same man was left on him all game.
Judes didn’t seem to have the same slick handling or bit of bite about them which they showed in the previous round. Maybe that is a credit to Crokes game plan and their tight defending though.


Crokes deserved winners and Mannion was pure class .
But the game in general is getting too much possession based. At times it’s infurating to watch a move proceed up the pitch at a slow pace only for the team in possession to not see an opening turn back and wait to go again.



Cian O Connor is going to play for Dublin very soon.


Hopefully. I’m glad he gave up that showjumping lark.


Guck caught him with a beautifully timed shoulder. I thought that might have got Judes going


Yeah he caught him with a beauty, big strong boy is Guckian.

Watched game back last night, thought referee was pretty good actually .


Fully agree, he is a fine player, he should definately get a run


Thoguht he was good as well, might have given an early yellow to diaz for the high tackle but otherwise let the game flow.



Agree, Dias was a yellow.


Speaking of players who should get a run for Dublin (OBC) young Smith from Skerries Harps looks a good prospect. He gave Coops the runaround in the Champo.


Is thet the guy who took the underdogs apart?