Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Were poor for both goals though and a huge part of the above was down to Crokes unwillingness to take the ball into contact. At the other end the Crokes defence was excellent. Any time Jude’s did get a ball to stick to a runner off the shoulder he was met and stopped by a Crokes defender.


Can see the reasoning towards this, Im saying their discipline, not their whole defensive game… which wasn’t too bad either. Second goal was a serious pass and quickfire finish.


Judes gave it everything but the class of Mannion was the difference in a tight game. In the 1st half he seemed to find space where none existed. Well done crokes


As others have mentioned - some pace in the crokes back line. Judes struggled to get going , when they got a good spell in the second half to close the gap , crokes replied. Credit to judes , stayed chasing till the end.


Yep, but it must have been frustrating for the Judes supporters to watch them sit back and allow Crokes to pass the ball around under little or no pressure. I think the problem is once you drill a team into playing that way it is very hard to get them to change the chip even when they are chasing the game, you see it at inter county level too.
it looks like a bit of a damage limitation exercise, but clearly your are not going to be trying to limit damage in a county final, just think it is mindset.


To be fair , if judes came out to put pressure on , crokes were gonna have the runners at pace to do damage.

I enjoyed the junior game i must say - junior standard skill wise obviously , but lots of attacking and heart.


Has Kev Mc lost a small yard of pace?


To be fair, at that stage of games, at both club and inter county level, where one team has held onto possession extremely well throughout and are ultimately fitter and faster, it’s very tough on the team chasing the game. Nothing more tiring than not holding onto the ball!
Watching, it’s hard not to think they could be trying harder, but there’s very little left in the tank.

Thought the Crokes defense were brilliant, Judes got to next to zero clean ball inside the 45.


Yep you are probably right.


Thought we’d the right winner yesterday. McManamon’s performance summed the Judes performance up really - a bit wasteful and off pace in the first half, then some heroics in the second, before petered out. It did look like there was a little gap between the teams in terms of conditioning (more of a praise of Crokes than criticism of Judes) but maybe that was more a result of how well Crokes had handled the ball.

Amongst an excellent set up backs I thought Cian O’Connor stood out for Crokes. What a lively player, and so direct. Shane Cunningham had a great first quarter too.


Really enjoyed their fill.


A fantastic run by Judes to beat Mun and Vins on the way to the final but as most posters seem to agree, the better team on the night won. Take Mannion out and its a coin toss, he was that good. 1-6 from play in a county final and no wild shots taken on. Really mature performance from him.

In terms of the other Dubs on display, I thought young McGowan was excellent also. Got a hand in almost every time a ball came into his zone! Congrats to Crokes and hard luck to Judes.


Don’t go rewriting history there chief. Jude’s were well in the game for most of it. Take Mannion out and it could well have been a different result. It was a good win in the end but don’t go losing the run of yourselves there :wink:


Looked like the occasion got to Judes alittle in the first half, made some nervous looking mistakes.good fight back in the second half but the goal killed them off.


not sure if the occasion or crokes defending got to them first.


Crokes defending was very strong but there was a lot of nervous looking handling and passing as well.


Pass me those hindsight spectacles, when you get a chance, please.


Hard luck yesterday, ye had a good year… I do agree with the other comments, the fault with the over and back stuff lies with the defending team, not the attacking team. That is why that proposed 3 hand pass rule is only encouraging the defensive stuff and is very ill-conceived.

I think there is a rule change that would get what you miss, and that is limit the numbers of players a team can have in each half. That one change would negate the need for any other changes and give the desired effect.


Couldn’t agree more, limiting the handpass is really going to encourage the blanket.


This is bollox in fairness but I’ll put it down to disappointment , when the match was shite it was because Jude’s wouldn’t come out and play. Similar to Dublin Donegal super 8 if you’re behind and you’re still playing with a packed defence, why would the team in front do you a favour.

Jude’s may be better wondering why they gave Crokes their kick out when every time the ball was kicked long by Crokes keeper you won it .