Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


That is correct.


Best team won, full of raw pace and Mannion was supreme.

Magnanimous enough ???


Thought Crokes backs were very strong and were much hungrier than their opponents. Mannion gave a master class as did Diaz and brilliant goal by Burke. Judes done great to reach the final but never troubled Crokes.


Dermo must be celebrating …


Congrats to Crokes. Better side won on the night. We never got going or did ourselves justice in the first half. Crokes executed their game plan to perfection from start to finish.

The lads recouped well in the second half. 0-10 is a healthy return in 30 mins of football but goals win games and they came at the right time for Crokes. Ironically with all of the shite spoken beforehand of homegrown players it was one of our locals that got the first crucial goal. I think had we managed to get level or dipped our noses in front at that stage it could have been very different. Ifs and buts don’t win championships though. When all is said and done Mannion was the difference. 1-6 from play. I can’t remember him missing a shot. Different class.

Won’t go into what’s said behind doors but it was tough to hear and see. There’s a special bond and group of players there. Unfortunately time isn’t on their side but we’ve said that before.

On a side note and to take absolutely nothing away from Crokes it’s a travesty the way the game has gone. I’d have been encouraging the same had we got our noses in front but the passing sideways and backwards is an awful blight on the game. Hopefully these latest proposed rule changes help go some way to stamping it out.


Not sure anyone from Vincents or ballymun has been “sour” here post match . Jude’s beat both teams fair and square but Crokes deserving winners today.


Judy I know you are feeling gutted but this is what happens when a team is behind but still has 13 or 14 of their own players inside their own 45 meter line, In my simple opinion it is up to the team that is trailing to force the game and if the team that is ahead are not challenged outside their opponents 45 then they would be very silly to let go of the ball to a team who are only interested in counter attack.


McCarthy is 29 .


Agree totally . 3 points down 55 mins gone and still 13 or 14 back inside own half couldn’t believe what I was watching . Until managers start coaching with a bit of courage to go out and play and go for it nothing will change .IMHO it’s much easier set up defensively than coach attacking play


Why would you push on when ahead in that situation? Onus on the team losing to get the ball.


Very fair point. Just to clarify in case it came across otherwise I was talking more in general terms. To varying degrees this is happening from the first whistle in most games these days. It’s incredible how much the game has evolved in the last 10 years. I’m a bit old school and miss the days of keepers booting the ball out as far as they can, 15 v 15 man for man marking, and teams only ever looking forwards in possession. Anyway, this is for a completely different thread of it’s own. I don’t want to derail this topic.


You might be talking in general terms but you should look much more closer to home if you want the game to be played differently.

Personally I didn’t have much of an issue with the way both teams were set up. Very like inter county . And 2:12 to 13 is still high scoring for this time of year despite the defensive/ counter acting game plans. The score execution was still high.


I thought it was a fascinating tactical battle - especially the second half. Crokes were very measured in working their openings - leading to two fine goals. I didn’t really think it was overly lateral. I would say intelligent. Jude’s on the other hand lost an inordinate amount of ball in sloppy execution and trying to do things at 100 miles an hour. Possession is king and Crokes were far more intelligent in possession than Jude’s.


The second half was intriguing alright. A key moment when we had momentum was one of our kick outs going to the wrong side with Ryan isolated. The lads were all over the other side so not only did we lose it but it left Burke in acres of space and he finished it off beautifully. During that period when we got within a point I thought COS really stepped up and came short for a few kick outs to relieve the pressure Nestor was coming under.



McCarthy is 29 when up against good corner back he won’t be seen! Dunboyne without there best forward leinhan next day, expect crokes to beat the handicap!


I think some people have forgotten how good a game Gaelic football can be. I watched the last twenty minutes yesterday and to me it just looked like soccer. Loads of defenders. Much short passing. Few scores. I miss what we used to have.


Just as well it wasn’t the first twenty minutes you watched!!
Think second half was a good game. First half was poor enough alright.


You need a visit to Specsavers lad …


Mannion was sensational, Crokes just an excellent game plan, retained possession (bar O Sullivan) and played the right pass to Mannion when needed. Judes really got back into it, against the run of play, we probably didn’t see our first long kickout till after the 40th minute from Crokes… Judes excellent discipline in defence, but failed to use the width at all, think they only gave one free away within the 45 in the full game? The two Mc Gowans both had super games for Crokes.