Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Good win for Raheny, 3-8 to 14

Plunketts will be disappointed with the goals as they were all soft. Raheny had what I thought was a soft penalty

Plunketts struggling missing a few key players. Focus will be on being in A next season now

Interested to see Raheny the next day out against a bigger test. Good defensive game plan with buckets of pace for the counter, could cause an upset as the golden generation takes control

Sean McMahon, absolutely sensational tonight. The heir apparent to O Sullivan on that display (with bigger tests to come)


Cian ?


Good player, one swallow does not a summer make!



What was plunkett’s starting 15


You probably wouldn’t know too many of them!

Still had Corrigan, Nesty, Ross, but no Bernard, Conor Walsh, Alan came on, Lally came on very late. Really missed Dunleavy at midfield. Buglar is a good young player, think he is Dublin u20 this year





Great work Steveyblue, great reading and some very good information


Great win for Raheny last night against OPER


OP/ER in free fall.


If somebody wrote that about Vinnies you’d have one of your patented melt downs!


Sorry. Of course I meant to say that everything is fine in Plunketts and they’ll surely win the championship.


Yep, true to form you become obnoxious in retort.


In response to what? Your initial cut off me that had absolutely nothing to do with my post?


You regularly have swipes at clubs here when some of them are experiencing low points whereas if somebody made those comments about your club, you’d have a meltdown. If I didn’t know you to see, I’d swear you were a spotty hormonal teenager.


Regularly? Like who? The comment on OPER was actually based on talking to a fella during the week who plays for them. And you reckon that if Vincent’s were falling apart I’d be having a meltdown because people had the temerity to point that out?

You might know me to see. But don’t presume you know me.


I’ve seen how you act here when somebody mentions your club in a bad light. That’s enough evidence. Mind you don’t fall off that high horse.


Don’t think too many concerned about Plubketrs demise. In fairness Alan only pointed put the obvious.

They have had a short term gain policy of external profiled mgmt and transient intercounty players who only are ever seen for championship in reality. Most would have liked them to win in 2014 for the sake of the Brogans, Nesty etc but that ship has well sailed…