Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


100 % agree with you there… hes not the worst ref but I mean he has linos and umpires there if hes unsure to question these things… standard of reffing at senior level is a joke…some of these lads dont want to be doing senior but are still put down to do it…the lads who make decisions havent a breeze …ive heard refs not pass the fitness test or didnt even do the rules test this year continue to get senior level games… not good enough for referees trying to break into the click who are good enough to be up there…


Bit personal to be posting stuff like that about his father.
No issue to critique his performance but anything outside of that would seem unnecessary.

Congrats to Crokes… hard to believe it’s 8 years but well deserved. Decent shot at Leinster.
Tough on Jude’s after beating ballymun and Vincents. Long way back with 5 possible winners at moment in 2019.


Ah they’re not. Two of their better players in the Meath final were ex Peregrines lads who with all due respect are a good bit off Crokes level. David Gallagher is still operating in midfield at 39 I think. You’d imagine he’d be totally over run.


McCarthy and Lowndes? What age is McCarthy now, surprised he never togged for Meath, playing there that long. Was a good prospect for Dublin years back.


Dunboyne are a fine side and the game is in Navan. Gallagher didn’t play v Sheils in Leinster yesterday in saying that Meath club football would be a good bit behind Dublin so you’d expect Crokes to prevail .


And another one injured in Dan O Brien WiFi.


Yep, this is where they might struggle.

Darren Magee was unbeatable for Crokes for years , heavier the pitch the better.


Robbie McCarthey played in all Ireland under 21 final in 2010 so still a young man.


Would I be correct in thinking 15 starters for Crokes tonight and 15 starters yesterday for Boden all came up from juvenille. If so kudos to both.


Can’t say i fully agree with you, I don’t think it was a joke.
In general I actually think he is a very good referee.
Tonight I disagreed with a few decisions on not handing out yellow cards when they should have been


I didnt post anything personal. That’s just fact.
And im sure it won’t hirt anyone’s feelings


Not saying he was a joke i said hes not the worst referee in the a panel…decent enough but the lack of yellows for certain fouls in the game was not good enough…
My opinion is that some referees doing senior should not be doing those types of games but because they are liked by the committee they continue to referee at a high standard which is a joke


Regardless of clicks and yellows, McCarthy is definitely good enough to referee senior level. As are many others.
While some are not.

But i will say one thing, fair fucks to them for doing it with the abuse they ship


Yeh I would agree with you he deserves to be reffing senior in comparison to others who do it


I never said he was only good enough in comparison.
I said he is definitely good enough, end of.


Apologies for being miles off topic, and probably a few years late with question, but why did McCarthy switch from Penguins to Dunboyne?


They have two Lowdnes brothers Craig and Stuart.


And the father John is a selector.


No you wouldn’t,

One judes juvenile played for Crokes. Others all home grown I think and most are full of running.

Judes mgmt yet again fall short in big match. Failed to follow the winning tactics of 2016 game and handed primary restart possessions all first half .

Best team won, but Craig Dias owes ref a Christmas card minimum… was it McCarthy who reffed us vs Skerries last year and sent 2 off in the wrong ??


You are not very magnanimous in defeat !