Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Jude’s nowhere near as polished as they were the last two games. Mannion and Burke a class above anything Jude’s had to offer. Good job by Crokes. Should win Leinster. Be interesting to see what happens after that.


V good performance by a young crokes side.should push on in leinster now


Crokes just made everything look easier, well taken goals. Hard luck to Judes.


A few real flyers on that Crokes team


Crokes didn’t fall into the Jude’s trap like Vincents did. They were more patient and drew Jude’s out of position. Having Mannion helped of course.


Great win for Ranelagh Gaels, came from behind at least 3 times. Great day for our club, only founded in 2003.


Did Judes leave the same man on Mannion for the game?


Did they have someone on him?



Congrats to Crokes, hard luck Jude’s, Pat Burke is quality, Mannion is just a a different class.


So Crokes play Mannion up front and leave him there scores 1-6 from play​:ok_hand:t2::+1:t2: and Jude’s play McManamon anywhere bar there and scores 0-2. I think a little video session in their new video analysis room might be worth looking at


Delighted with that. Great set of young players with massive pace . The two McGowans , Cian o Connor, Flatman have great futures

Paul Mannion’s masterclass has only being close to matched by Connolly and Bernard Beogsn ever in the SFC . It was out of this world

Interesting all but onr of Crokes scores were from play . partly as they rarely went into contact with the ball to draw a free



Crokes very good - patience the key. They owned the ball in the 2nd half and used it very cleverly. McManaman had to forage as he was not getting ball inside - Crokes very impressively disciplined in defence. McGowans provided a great spine. V enjoyable 2nd half. Pat Burke still has a lick of pace but Paul Mannion was magnificent. Brilliant all year for Dublin and then lights up the county final. Legend.


It will be very interesting now to see how Crokes go in Leinster. I have no clue, I suspect they have weaknesses, but maybe Mannion can make up for them. Still very few club teams in Leinster (none actually), will be able to bring on an U21 AI medal winner from the subs (Fox).


Thought the ref was average today a few high tackles during game and no card… players fouling a few times and not a tick or anything… wasnt a hard game to referee and made no impact on the result but ive a big problem with county board and referees… seems to be lads in the click !! They really need someone who isnt biased towards a lot of older refs doing senior etc… look at todays ref walked up and down through the middle never ventured to the side or inside the 21m line… anyway rant over re refs :joy:


Dunboyne are decent and will give Crokes a good game


Would be interesting to see how crokes would do around the middle on a dirty wet day. Seem to play more of a running game now that likes of magee have gone. Then again they always have mannion!!


Huge congrats to all in Crokes, and hard luck Judes dudes. Didn’t understand the tactics again today, especially in the first half, but hey, you beat us, so what would I know!

Agree with the comments about the referee. It was a bottle job to not give Dias a card for that foul in the opening few minutes, never mind not even dishing out a yellow, some would see that as a red. I can only assume he didn’t see it properly, because if he did, he has no business wearing black!!

Enjoy the celebrations tonight in Kilmacud, and best of luck in Leinster.


His daddy fights the click battle for him. All the years of canvassing for the minute Vincents footballers got knocked out