Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Judes have been awful, need to relax on the ball, every attack is at 100mph, leading to sloppy handling and passing, leading to turnovers with Jude’s men committed forward, Crokes have lots of pace to exploit the space left in behind then.


The church goal is always the scoring one on Parnell though. Crokes not falling into the trap that Vincents did though of forcing it and losing turnovers. Mannion is the difference at the moment.

I wouldn’t rule Jude’s out yet. They need to get shots in though, either scores or even wides, but they need to facing into kickouts rather then facing their own keeper.


Great goal but, jaysus, back door off the latch big time there.


Not sure about the 2nd tackle. But the first inside first minute was a complete bottle job.
By the second tackle dias definitely should have been yellowed.
This ref ia far too arrogant to give early yellows.
Classic mistake of afraid to ruin a game too by giving early yellows…


Look where he is kicking it from ???


Much better second half.


I know Burke is about 100 but you still need to mark him. Great finish though.


Sticking the 2 fingers up to all those who have slipped down to junior… fair play Pat Burke and he looks as fit, able and up for it as anyone out there


He is indeed, only messin.


Jude’s marking space instead of marking men.



I thought it was funny.

Credit though to Pat Burke, same with Boden yesterday, a few lads proving if you look after yourself you can mix it with the young boys


Only glanced at screen as ball was in flight. Ilegal re-start?


Game over.

An external keeper lets the ball go between his legs.
Wonder would have home grown copeland have saved that?
Some amount of counties represented out there this evening.
Should be called an All Ireland County Final.

Haha! Relax lads, im pulling your legs


I mean that as a compliment… genuinely a tonge in cheek remark in case I’ve offended anyone.


Mannion is a Daisy.


Every time


Technically yes, but will never be penalised.


How come Tom Fox booked now for a high tackle but Craig Dias wasn’t earlier?
Bottle job!


Credit Jude’s for their 2nd half show but Crokes always looked too slick today.


Best i’ve Ever seen mannion play, he has really improved his game this year. The first two/three scores were class.