Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


anybody know if it is a sell out? dont see tickets advertised for sale on the co board


Coverage starts at 4.30pm on TG4. Not sure if they are showing 2 games but defo showing Crokes v Judes.


Anyone in Parnell please post scores for the Ranelagh Gaels match. Hon da Gaels.


Just gone to ET . 1-6 each at FT


ranelagh by 2


Presuming ET will delay start of SF and impact team warm ups, dcb really should have allowed plenty of time between 2 games for that eventuality as very unfair on players in a senior final.


It’s delayed until 5.15.


Junior game down for 3 and senior at 5. Loads of time you would think. Must have been a delay in the first game - perhaps to facilitate the crowd coming in!!


Are you sure this is correct?


It’s on now, listing on sky is incorrect


Wouldn’t have happened at 3:30 on a Sunday :joy:.


Is the match on tv ?




Disappointing crowd. Yesterday too.


Bad start for the ref. Bottled a yellow card to Dias there


Definitely the lowest crowd for the final in a number of years.
Say a lot of people doing similar to myself and watching on TV on a cold night!!


The neutrals would gladly put the feet up and stick the dinner on the lap.

Early doors, crokes are somewhat playing Jude’s at the their own game, and Jude’s look clueless


High tackles obviously don’t warrant a yellow in this game. Dias could be off already but yet hasn’t got a yellow.


Cracker from Mannion.


10 mins injury time in second half