Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


IMarie Crowe had an article in the sindo today on Jude’s origins. Formed in the late 70s. I remember playing a challenge match against what must have been one of their first juvenile teams around 82/83 for my school Mourne rd, Drimnagh. Billy Sheehan ( her husband) a Kerryman and ex Laois player was a teacher in Mourne rd in recent years . He being a st Jude’s player now .


They are 40 this year … younger than me …, a good bit


Only a question Harper


Read the thread man, its been discussed to death on this actual thread, along with others…


The big day has finally arrived. I’ve been like a kid waiting for Christmas the last few days. I think both sides will be happy with the conditions out there. I’m expecting no more than a kick of a ball in it at the end or possibly extra time. We’ve had plenty of heartache in finals as a club over the years. As a Jude’s man you could never be confident going into a big game like this but I’m hopeful that the extra bit of experience and confidence gained from the last couple of games might just about get us over the line.

What way do people see it going?


One way…Southside…and a Blue weekend for Kilmacud


Can see Judes winning handily enough.

Dont think Crokes have been tested at all so far bar maybe that Raheny game. They’ve averaged 20 points in their games v Boden, Syls & Plunketts but only managed 7 v Raheny. Judes will be much better set up than Raheny, have better quality players, more experience & have the momentum of beating Mun & Vinnies so far.


I’d settle for that prediction to come through


And Billy still teaching in Mourne rd…

Marie hopefully got across tgere is no player chasing in Judes


Article was grand. In fairness, fellas joining St Jude’s are not joining for the guaranteed glory (no SFC win) or the status. I give them a pass on the outsiders frankly, not like they’re high profile.

When we won the All Ireland club in 95 starting team had 5 outsiders - numbers 7 to 12. But like Jude’s, lads who lived locally. Fellas from Wicklow, Tipp, Clare, Wexford, What do you do, tell them to piss off?

Think Crokes by a score. Jude’s look physically massive, it’s dry though, that might suit Crokes.


Kilmacud for for me, they seeed to be at it from day 1 in this championship. Never even came
Near losing a match.
Interesting article below on B


Have Crokes sorted their midfield issues of 2 years ago when Judes totally cleaned them but then the judes sideline forgot to employ same tactics vs Castleknock


Surely a better year for Davis than perhaps at very best making senior quarter final. Impetus now built with the win


I’m sure you would! … enjoy the day!


Yep, enjoy the day lads, really is the highlight of the year for me when we were in them. Best of luck to both teams.


Assume still stand tickets left at the gate?


Yes according to the DCB site


He coached the school team years back ( about 10 maybe) young lad across the road from the ma s house was on it. Billy had them in brickfield Park at 7 some mornings. Tough going for teenagers :grinning:.


Mollycoddling wouldn’t be in his handbook


Is the match live on tg4? Two matches named on the listings.