Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


The country player issue will never be solved by pointing the finger one club at another, I think it has become clear at this stage that most of the big clubs at one stage or another have had an over the top amount of outside players. I don’t even think the problem is country lads, it is more a problem of outsiders be they from another Dublin club or a country club.
IMO the only real problem here is for young lads coming up through the ranks, it is always hard to break into senior given that it is the first time young lads are trying to get into a team where there is no age limit so the turnover of players is much slowers, but on top of that if you find that the only few places up for grabs are going to players that have never played underage for the club, it has to be disheartening.
Out of interest has anybody on here lost out on a place due to outsiders coming into their club?


Yeah. And what’s even fcuking worse is I lost out many years ago and there wasn’t even an outsider there. Don’t get me started …


I’m not sure I was saying anything about brown envelopes or poaching my point was Jude’s have loads of homegrown players and don’t need to fill it up with outsiders to put out a competitive team.


I’d have a bigger problem with one of the teams in the hurling final …


How many for Crokes, six?


Sssh. You’re not allowed to discuss that.


It came up on the hurling thread as well to be fair


:joy::joy::joy: and the ‘pure’ hurling lads were moaning to get it moved over to the football thread!


Any dual players in Crokes these days, at senior level?


O’carroll is a sub on the football team still


Does Barry O’Rourke play football anymore?


Plays for the second team


Cheers Tayto, good to hear there’s still one or two lads managing to juggle both at such a high level. Ross very strong in both codes. Presumably he won’t be fit for much come football on Monday though! Shane O’Rorke playing at any level?


Shane playing intermediate hurling, didn’t play for a couple of years having been abroad and came back this year.


It’s been discussed plenty actually, but well done.


Crokes by 4 plus for me. Think the Jude’s big games up to now just may catch them.


Wasn’t my point. It’s the double standards by some posters I’m referring to. Not the issue itself.


Just a debate here lads, how many of Judes starting 15 tomorrow are originally from outside the club?




Ffs. Talked to death at this stage