Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Think Judes will win personally.

Crokes were ordinary enough in that semi, Boden were awful on the day and if they sharpened up at all ot wouldve been a very tight game


Judes executed to perfection against Vincents. If they do the same vs. Crokes I reckon the’ll win it.


I think, and hope, Judes can do it.


hopefully it’s great match to watch but be great see Jude’s edge it


Can’t judge crokes performance in the semis, the conditions were shocking, I’d rather see Dublin lads winning the Dublin club instead of half a judes team of culchies tbh, so crokes for me


Is this actually true / accurate?
How many non-Dubs in their starting line-up?


About 8


6 starters from the semi-final, with 7/19 from all players, which was a whole lot different than vincents who had 6 lads playing whod transferred in.


Usual tripe being posted about transfers etc, let’s just enjoy the football final.


Agreed Porto, they gonna tell all the country people go back where they came from next?
Culchies built Dublin.


I love it that there is a lets bury our heads when it Judes, but if its Vins or in the case of a few years ago Boden , hang them out to dry. It’s either acceptable or not, there is not grey area here.


I think its fully acceptable for country players to join their local clubs rather than commuting up to 4/5 hours to get home for training and matches, whats not acceptable is clubs enticing players living not so local to play for them with brown envelopes.
I would like to think thats not really the case anymore, look at where it got Parnells…


Lads St Jude’s is a small parish in templeogue. templeogue is open to TSS & Ballyboden to expect them to have a 30 home grown championship winning standard players every year is unrealistic. So a few imports are needed to build a bigger squad is that so wrong? It’s not the numbers being quoted here and some Dublin lads are injured. Most of the country lads live locally or have a friend or family connection to the club. There are definitely no brown envelopes for managers, coaches or players all funds raised go into team needs.


not to drag out the argument but there is a huge amount of non parish/homegrown lads on that panel and up from last year even. Judes have really good numbers at adult level with a good few teams. Not sure it’s necessary to bring that amount of non local players in.

Not sure I buy the small parish bit or TSS/Boden taking numbers either, total horsesh*t really.

Just want to finish off by saying best of luck to Judes, best team so far and would be deserved after last 2 games


Boden have never and do not pursue Judes players. I was part of a management team who rejected a request from a player at u12 to transfer, as I’d have more respect for Judes than that.


Not HSITe at all my friend. I never said TSS and ballyboden were taking players, I said templeogue was open to them!There are schools and parts of templeogue that are more TSS and Ballyboden based than Jude’s based. Any non parish players that you are referring to, joined Jude’s of their own free will, as opposed to been brought in. There was no competitive GAA club in their area and when that happens lads will look at the likes of bigger clubs like Ballyboden and Judes to ply their trade in again what’s wrong with that? Your making out like here was some sort of poaching going on or transfer fee paid to lads which is total HS!


Nobody got a brown envelope in judes, anyways


Country players in Judes woukd be reflective of any suburban 40 year old club where the majority of adult non playing members are born outside Dublin.

I think all bar 1 or 2 of the Judes home reared players have at least one country born parent., so no surprise for it to be a club to join if transferring up… I’m sure with the developments at juvenile over the last few years there will be loads of home grown coming ygrough to senior from 2020 onwards


Huh? Country parents have nothing to do with anything tbh. Atre you saying that lads sign up because their team mates mother will likely be able to cook a good cabbage and bacon dinner and bake scones (as in cons) and soda and brown bread??


As is Boden, were only 49yr old. I was just pointing out the faux outrage at Durcan playing for Boden brought out on this site then.