Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Yeah. If only there was someone who could tell you what they story is.


Vins were their usual clinical selves. Skerries didn’t get enough ball in you Smith in the corner for them, none of the Vins defenders could live with him! Unfortunately he had no one else in support and Vins were able to score at will for the majority of the game.

The scoreline flatters Na Fianna in the 2nd game, Lucan had the chances to get at least a draw from it, if not a win! Lucan number 4 was excellent, McHugh couldn’t get away from him! Also EOC in the middle was very good along with their number 10! IMO I can’t see Na Fianna doing anything this year based on that performance, didn’t seem to have much structure or plan to their play!


Getting back from injury.
No point in playing him last night I’d say.
Better to maybe give him ten extra week or so and get 15-20mins out of him vs NaF next week.


Where is Egan? Has he left?


He started wing back


Haha, Jesus could’ve sworn I didn’t see his name on programme


Vincents look very good, not showing many signs of slowing down from what I saw. Na Fianna laboured for long periods, but have the makings of something there. Aaron Byrne and Conor McHugh were quiet, where as the forwards that stood out were Glenn O’Reilly and number 15 who was listed as Michael Deegan, but pretty sure it was Sean Caffrey. Caffrey was the best player on show on the night.

Lucan won midfield, O’Conghaile was ok, but not amazing, whereas Darren Gavin who came on early was really effective. He’s a big unit, and made huge ground on numerous occasions. Inside line for Lucan very good, Gallagher and Ladd doing a lot of damage. Jonny Cooper and Murchan have some engines, and are cute enough in the half back line for Na Fianna, will get the better of most half forwards this season.


Lucan were always going to be a tricky first tie imo.

Na Fianna will improve as the year goes on


Ye lucan are totally different come championship always difficult to beat, good young na fianna team, this result will bring them on alot, they showed great battle in last ten to win the game, where in previous years they lost these sort of games. Na Dianna will be hard bet once the pitches dry out which will suit there fast pace football


Club Championship never really takes place on dry pitches unfortunately for them. But they will get better. Lucan are improving also


Smith is a great footballer. What age is he.?


19/20 I believe, is he eligible for u20s does anyone know ?


A real handful on his day


Smith was on last yeasr U21 winning team so he is 21 now or thereabouts


It’s a shame for them the football isn’t played on them pitches


Sorry lads, link got broken just after I’d left for Parnell Park last night. Here we are again. Vetter late than never


She really will.

One heckua cornerback.

Taught Jonny all he knows.




Raheny 1-6 to 0-4 up at the tea break